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Is a gaming laptop a good investment?

We discuss whether gaming laptops are a good investment i.e. worth their high price tag

Updated: Dec 19, 2022 12:47 pm
Is a gaming laptop a good investment?

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Is a gaming laptop a good investment? is a valid question to ask. Gaming laptops are not cheap, as cramming all that power into a portable chassis whilst maintaining cooling and voltage to all the components, and (ideally) a half-decent battery life is quite the engineering challenge.

Gaming desktop PCs will always offer more in-game FPS performance per cost than a gaming laptop will manage, but what you’re really paying for in a gaming laptop is the flexibility the portable chassis brings, which makes them better multi-purpose devices.

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So is a gaming laptop worth the money?

Gaming laptops are a good investment if you’re regularly on the move, and/or need a mobile office / creative / workstation laptop anyway alongside your gaming, so can save money overall by buying one machine for all the above (not to mention the convenience of just having everything installed on one machine).

You won’t get the same big screen immersion on a gaming laptop’s display as you would on a desktop monitor, however you can always get around this by plugging your laptop into a monitor – enabling you to get the best of both worlds.

Just be aware (as we go into in more detail in our is a gaming laptop as good as a desktop PC? article) that the same named components in a laptop are rarely as powerful as they are in a desktop, and that the upper ceiling on gaming laptop performance is capped lower compared to those gaming desktops.

Is a gaming laptop a good investment? Final Word

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