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AMD and Nvidia’s most popular GPUs finally below MSRP

Maybe you will be able to get a 3080 below MSRP before RTX 4000...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022 10:27 am
AMD and Nvidia’s most popular GPUs finally below MSRP

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Although it said it might not do anymore, 3DCenter has provided another GPU pricing update. Focused on the core offering it shows AMD and Nvidia’s most popular cards priced below MSRP.

The previous price report from the end of July was meant to be the last from 3DCenter as most cards were below MSRP. However, the core offering was not.

This compromises the most popular and best graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia. And they fell behind in pricing coming back down to MSRP and below nearly two years after release.

3DCenter GPU price report 22 08 2022
GPU price report 22/08/2022, source: 3DCenter

AMD and Nvidia core lineup

What 3DCenter considers the core portfolio is the:

These are part of the original release with more sensible pricing. But also the more popular option that is most desired. With their release around 2020 more sensible to the original plan and without the top end which is heavily reduced currently.

From this month, the pricing in Germany and Austria has reached below MSRP across the board. With the RX 6000 series at 84% and the RTX 3000 series at 87%. Another two and four percent decrease.

Whilst the core lineup is now at 97% of MSRP, down four points from the last report. Showing that both manufacturers are trying to move stock ahead of the RDNA 3 and RTX 4000 series launches.

Although on average they are below there is still some variance. In breaking down the core portfolio there is some difference.

We see the RX 6800 XT only 1% below, whilst the RX 6800 is 7% below. Looking at Nvidia’s side there are still some high prices even in this selection.

With the 3080 10GB from 6% above MSRP, 3070 2% above, and 3060 Ti is on average at MSRP. So if you’re looking for one specific card your payment may vary still.

Although these are prices in Euro, which is suffering from a bad USD exchange rate currently. So they may be high for Europe it bodes well for the overall trend and worldwide pricing.

Why are graphics cards getting cheaper?

Since their release, graphics cards became expensive. Stemming from the crypto boom and miners buying up stock to use them. As well as the pandemic shutting down factories has meant a shortage of products. As well as transport problems meant scalpers were also taking advantage and prices inflated with everyone trying to buy them up.

Now that the crypto market has crashed, it has become unprofitable to keep mining with energy prices rising too. So the demand has fallen and the miners have sold off their wares. And with manufacturing continuing at the same rate the stock has increased. While demand has gone down it has meant prices have been returning to normal.

And now that the new series of graphics cards are expected from AMD and Nvidia they will want to get rid of their stock. As they will want to have stock of the new cards instead. Therefore we see heavy discounts on current cards, and delays to the next series.

Will graphics card prices drop 2022?

Yes, they will. They have already started dropping in price and will continue to do so. With an abundance of stock right before the next generation manufacturers will begin to drop prices to move it. As they prepare to stock the upcoming range of cards.

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