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Where to watch the Apple March 2022 ‘Peek Performance’ event: Event time, new iPhone, iPad & more

Apple is due to announce a slew of new products.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022 12:09 pm
Where to watch the Apple March 2022 ‘Peek Performance’ event: Event time, new iPhone, iPad & more

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The first Apple Event of 2022 has almost arrived, meaning that you can watch the Apple Event, cryptically named ‘Peek Performance’ on March 8, which promises to show off a few different new products from the Cupertino giant. We expect there to be a couple of product announcements there, including an upgraded version of the iPhone SE, in addition to a brand-new iPad Air, which has since been languishing since the introduction of the iPad Mini and standard iPad models, which have outpaced it for a good few months now. There may also be additional surprises in the form of additional hardware, but Apple has been keeping their cards close to their chests.

  • You can watch the Apple ‘Peek Performance’ event on their YouTube channel.

When is the Apple March 2022 ‘Peek Performance’ event?

The Apple ‘Peek Performance’ event will be held on March 8 and will begin at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. You can view the event through the live stream linked above, or over on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV devices. Though, YouTube is probably one of the easiest ways to watch the event without having to crawl over to the Apple TV app on one of your devices, or also the best way to watch if you don’t already (somehow) own at least one Apple Device that can boot up Apple TV.

You can also watch the Apple event over on the Apple Events website.

When is the Apple March 2022 event in my timezone?

Peek Performance apple event

Worry not, we’ve assembled a list of most timezones in the world to ensure that you’re going to be able to tune in to the Apple March 2022 event below. Apple likes to keep these times in line with other Apple events, so you can tune in no matter where you are in the world.

Apple Event Hawaii start time (Honolulu) — 7:00 AM HAST
Apple Event Alaska start time (Anchorage)  — 9:00 AM AKDT
Apple Event, California start time (Cupertino) — 10:00 AM PDT
Apple Event Arizona start time (Phoenix) — 10:00 AM MST
Apple Event Canada start time (Vancouver) — 10:00 AM PDT
Apple Event Colorado start time (Denver) — 11:00 AM MDT
Apple Event Texas start time (Dallas) — 12:00 noon CDT
Apple Event New York start time (New York) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event North Carolina start time (Raleigh) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event Canada start time (Toronto) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event Canada start time (Halifax) — 2:00 PM ADT
Apple Event Brazil start time (Rio de Janeiro) — 2:00 PM BRT
Apple Event United Kingdom start time (London) — 6:00 PM GMT
Apple Event Germany start time (Berlin) — 7:00 PM CST
Apple Event France start time (Paris) — 7:00 PM CST
Apple Event South Africa start time (Cape Town) — 7:00 PM. SAST
Apple Event Russia start time (Moscow) — 8:00 PM MSK
Apple Event Finland start time (Helsinki) — 8:00 PM EET
Apple Event Turkey start time (Istanbul) — 8:00 PM TRT
Apple Event United Arab Emirates start time (Dubai) — 9:00 PM GST
Apple Event India start time (Delhi) — 10:30 PM IST
Apple Event Indonesia start time (Jakarta) — 12:00 PM WIB March 9
Apple Event China start time (Shanghai) — 1:00 AM CST March 9
Apple Event Singapore start time — 1:00 AM SGT March 9
Apple Event Australia start time (Perth) — 1:00 AM AWST March 9
Apple Event Hong Kong start time — 1:00 AM HKT March 9
Apple Event South Korea start time (Seoul) — 2:00 AM KST March 9
Apple Event Japan start time (Tokyo) — 2:00 AM JST March 9
Apple Event Australia start time (Adelaide) — 2:30 AM ACST March 9
Apple Event Australia start time (Sydney) — 3:00 AM AEST March 9
Apple Event New Zealand start time (Auckland) — 5:00 AM NZST March 9

What to expect from the March 2022 Apple Event

Apple iPhone iOS Release Date min

Right now, we’re expecting Apple to release a number of new products at the ‘Peek Performance’ March 2022 event that not only refresh older products but also give us a peek into the future with some new iterations of their silicon in the form of the Apple M2 chip. Of course, rumors have been wrong before, but we’re expecting a couple of big things from Apple here that really push the needle forwards when it comes to their power and performance if the ‘Peek Performance’ moniker is to be believed. But, it’s not all about their high-performance chips, but also their other product stacks in the form of the iPhone and iPad too. Hell, would we be seeing the first instances of Apple’s VR headset? The AR experience that they released over on their events page suggests we could be mixing realities very soon. But, these predictions could be wrong, as we were when Apple never really significantly leaks out enough to be too sure about what they’re doing.

iPhone SE 3 (2022)

The iPhone SE is one of the most popular models of iPhone, simply by the virtue of it being one of the cheapest iPhones you can buy, while still retaining performance in line with the latest models of iPhone. However, don’t expect too much of a departure from the iPhone 8-like design, and just instead expect a healthy spec-bump in line with current models, iOS 15 and more. This is similar to the iPhone SE (2020) that was powered by the then-current iPhone 11 chip. Therefore, you can ascertain that the iPhone SE 3 (2022) will come equipped with the Apple A15 chip while sporting a familiar body and design. It’s unclear as to whether we can expect an upgraded camera, but don’t expect any fancy bells and whistles.

iPad Air (2022)

The iPad Air has languished behind the updates, and even the iPad Mini boasts better specifications than it. Therefore, it’s prime time for the iPad Air to shine once again, meaning that we could see slightly newer hardware, sharing the same design language as we see on the current models with rounded edges. There may be a front-camera upgrade to support Center Stage for FaceTime, but that’s about it for the iPad Air, another incremental, safe release for those looking for the best iPad for most people, really. It serves as a good middle ground between the standard models and the iPad Pro’s power.

Mac Mini upgrade

The Mac Mini is currently equipped with the M1 chip and is currently the easiest way to grab more power in a small package. Therefore, it’s not going to be surprising to see the Mac Mini come with a slightly newer design and pack a little bit more power than the current M1 offers by potentially offering the M1 Max and M1 Pro chips in hand. We may even see an M2 powered Mac Mini, but this could be first deployed in a Macbook Pro model, instead.

Macbook Pro 13-inch with an upgraded M2 chip

The Macbook Pro had already had a couple of SKUs upgraded with the M1 Pro and M1 Max variants, but we could also be seeing a new 13-inch model refresh, powered by the Apple M2 chip. It’s going to be interesting to see how Apple posits the power of the M2 chip, while maintaining relevancy for the M1 Pro and Max. Since the Macbook Pro has already had a new design in the 14 and 16-inch models, you could potentially see a new 13-inch design in line with the language that the rest of the line possesses.

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