CES 2020: What To Expect

While everyone else may be counting down to Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, here at WePC there’s just one upcoming event that we care about: CES 2020. The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is our chance to get our hands on all the new tech coming out from our favorite manufacturers. So, as we sit here next to our already packed suitcases, and dream of winning big at the casino’s while we’re there, let’s take a look at what to expect from CES 2020

What Is CES 2020?

CES is a trade-only tech convention that happens every January in Las Vegas. The biggest names in tech come to showcase their latest releases. Samsung, Amazon, and Sony are just some of the brands you can expect to see each year. You’ll see announcements on products like 8K TVs, latest-gen laptops, tech-forward cell phones, and more.

When Is CES 2020?

All the action this year will kick off on January 6th with a series of keynote speeches before the full convention gets underway on the 7th. The exhibition floor will be open and all the coolest new tech will be on offer up until January 10th.

CES 2020 Schedule – Find out what’s on when

WePC At CES 2020

This year, WePC will be at CES in person, bringing you all the latest announcements and new tech reveals as they happen. We’ll have videos going up on our YouTube channel throughout the week, as well as up-to-the-minute news coverage here on the site – so make sure to keep your eyes on WePC throughout the event!

And, if you’re going to be there too, come find us and say hello!

What Will Be Revealed At CES 2020?

As we said, CES is where the biggest names in tech showcase their latest products. This means we’re treated to some exciting reveals throughout the week. So, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see revealed at CES 2020.

What To Expect From AMD At CES 2020

Press Conference: 2 pm PT – Monday, January 6th

AMD has announced a whole bunch of new CPUs this year, so we don’t expect there to be any more additions to this, already extensive, line up in January. Instead, we’re predicting a reveal around a successor to their 7nm Radeon VII GPU – especially as this was first announced at last year’s event. Rumors are pretty thin right now, so everything is speculative. We might even see a new line of flagship GPUs, or possibly some laptop-based components – only time will tell. 

What To Expect From Apple At CES 2020

Roundtable: 1 pm PT – Tuesday, January 7th

There won’t be any new product announcements from Apple (who are appearing at CES for the first time in 28 years), instead, there will be a roundtable event. The Senior Director of Privacy will be there to discuss consumer privacy. 

What To Expect From Intel At CES 2020

Press Conference: 4 pm PT – Monday, January 6th

In previous years, Intel has used CES as a platform to announce their new chipsets – and we expect 2020 to be no different. Last year saw them doing the full reveal of their 10nm Ice lake CPU, and for 2020 we will most likely see a new range of 10nm CPUs to follow up. There may also be a chance that we’ll see some low-end/ mid-range CPU reveals as well, and the launch of the Intel Xe GPUs if we’re lucky. 

What To Expect From LG At CES 2020

Press Conference: 8 am PT – Monday, January 6th

LG likes to pack as much as physically possible into their CES experience, so it can tricky to accurately guess everything they plan on revealing. Previous years have seen them announcing everything from smart washing machines to touchscreen mirrors – so it really is anyone’s guess. 

We do now, however, that they will be debuting three new laptops: the LG Gram 14, LG Gram 15, and LG Gram 17 thanks to an earlier announcement

What To Expect From Nvidia At CES 2020

Press Conference: TBC

We’re still unsure what Nvidia will be bringing to the table, but we suspect we’ll get the chance at a closer look at the Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro that they revealed earlier in 2019. And, if we’re very lucky, we may even get some new GPUs to boot. 

What To Expect From Samsung At CES 2020

Press Conference: TBC

Samsung is well-known for using CES as a platform to reveal their latest TV innovations. This year we’re expecting to see a line-up of all-screen, bezel-less, QLED TVs revealed. Of course, that’s not all Samsung is known for producing, so here’s hoping for some new computing tech as well. 

What To Expect From Sony At CES 2020

Press Conference: 5 pm PT – Monday, January 6th

As gamers, our attention is going to be closely focused on Sony this year as we eagerly hope and await more news on the upcoming PS5. CES could be our chance to get more details on this highly-anticipated, next-gen console. But, as with previous years, we’re expecting a big focus on TVs from the Japanese tech-giant. 

Final Word

Our team can’t wait to make their way to Las Vegas for CES 2020 – and we’ll be sharing every announcement and reveal with our lovely readers as they happen. So, for all the latest CES 2020 news, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, check out our YouTube channel for more info!