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What is the ec-bi-ls-0 Epic Games error code?

There's nothing worse than a Epic Games error code

Updated: Dec 30, 2021 5:17 pm
What is the ec-bi-ls-0 Epic Games error code?

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Update: December 30: Seems like you all want Tomb Raider badly. So much so the influx of people seems to be bottlenecking the Epic Games Launcher servers. Chances are it’s a come back later type of situation, but we are looking into it again.

One of the most common errors Epic Games Store users experience is the ec-bi-ls-0 error code. It is the symbol that something has gone wrong, resulting in our device’s inability to connect to the Epic backend servers. We will go through everything you need to know about the ec-bi-ls-0 Epic Games error code.

Epic Games Store

The ec-bi-ls-0 epic games error code is something that typically pops up when users experience when they get stuck on the preparing the Epic Games Launcher screen. The main issue with it is a sign that your client is failing to get through the authentication and or handshaking servers.

Typically, this error occurs when you are trying to connect to the Epic Games Launcher or Store when you have no internet. However, the error can occur when DNS-related errors between your client and the Epic servers. For example, the error is known to occur when the AWS servers are down or other internal Epic server issues, or if there’s a sudden spike in traffic bottlenecking the server, causing the login attempt to time out. The editor at WePC even had the error pop up after redeeming one of the few Tomb Raider games as part of the Christmas celebrations.

Alternatively, the ec-bi-ls-0 epic games error code is something that can cause issues with specific games. Some players may find Fortnite has issues, amongst others that require live service connections. It is possible to see the ec-bi-ls-0 pop-up during periods of instability. This is confirmed by an Epic employee who commented on this error code several years ago on Reddit.

How to fix the ec-bi-ls-0 epic games error code?

The way to fix the ec-bi-ls-0 epic games error code depends on entirely what error you are encountering. If there is an Epic or AWS error, you simply have to wait for the error. To confirm this is the case, we highly recommend checking out websites like Down Detector to see if other gamers like yourself are reporting EGL or EGS login errors. If that is not the case then it could be an error. Epic Games strongly advise looking at the following fixes to see if it addresses your epic related connection issue error codes. Note that in times of turbulence, Epic tend to post the hot topic error issues within their official support section.

What about the Epic Games error ec-bi-ls-3 error code?

This is another variation of the aforementioned Epic error. From what we can gather, it appears the Epic Games error ec-bi-ls-3 is more related to connection issues with epic servers for specific games. Based on our research this seems to pop up for games like Borderlands, particularly relating to DNS errors, but Fortnite players have seen this on several occasions when there are server issues. It could once again be a local DNS issue or in fact, more to do with the Epic servers struggling.

In terms of fixing the Epic Games error ec-bi-ls-3, it seems to fall under the same solutions as the ec-bi-ls-0 error. You’ll either have to resolve your DNS errors, or wait for the Epic Games networking team to address the server issues, either through managing the server load, or resolving any servers that might be down. In case it’s an AWS outage, we may have to wait for AWS to sort its servers out.

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