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Fortnite downtime today — When will servers be back up?

The Prowler finally arrives this week

Updated: Apr 19, 2022 11:05 am
are fortnite servers down right now how long maintenance

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for Fortnite’s weekly downtime and update. Some week’s these updates can be bigger than others, meaning the downtime lasts longer, but there’s more to look forward to when it’s over. So when is Fortnite downtime scheduled for today? And how long will it last? And, most importantly, what leaks or information do we have about new content?

When is Fortnite down today? April 19, 2022

As usual, Fortnite’s downtime will begin at 1am PDT/4am EDT/9am BST/10am CET on April 19, 2022. Today’s update should be a little larger than last, so we can expect the update to last until about 11am, but we’ll update you when we’ve got a better idea of how long the downtime will last.

How long is today’s Fortnite scheduled downtime?

As mentioned above, we’ve no official confirmation on the approximate length of the today’s Fortnite downtime. There is more to be released in today’s update than last week’s, though, meaning it’s likely to last a little longer than some of the season’s previous updates.

fortnite down servers not responding

What’s coming in Fortnite v20.20 patch notes?

Today’s Fortnite update will finally include data for The Prowler unlock challenges, though they won’t officially release in-game for another two days. We’ll also get the usual weekly Resistance updates, including a new Battle Bus, and new IO and Seven clash location, and new challenges. Finally, the second wave of Coachella outfits will be available on Thursday this week.

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