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FFXIV error 2002: FFXIV Login queues are giving errors

Warning, the FFXIV 2002 error code is a real doosy

Updated: Dec 3, 2021 11:02 am
FFXIV error 2002: FFXIV Login queues are giving errors

FFXIV Endwalker Early Access is now live, offering players the chance to jump into the early access of Endwalker. Those who are doing so are finding the new MSQ, jobs, and other content that they can sink their teeth into. However, many are getting login errors. The most common one is the FFXIV error 2002 login queue error, which is sadly kicking people out of the game queue.

What is the FFXIV error 2002 code?

It appears that the FFXIV error 2002 code is related to the large server queue congestion that the servers are currently experiencing. The launch of Endwalker has seen many of us get into login queues as soon as our internet has allowed the Endwalker patch download to complete. Many of us are stat in 2k plus queues, and when we get lower than the 2k player queue mark, we get hit with the FFXIV error 2002 code. It reminds me of that fabled New World error codes many moons ago.

Saying that there is no guarantee you’ll get hit with the FFXIV 2002 error code. Most people seem to be able to move their way through the login queue just fine. However, the unfortunate few of us are getting the error code, getting sent to the back of the line.

As it stands, if you get it, I’m sorry. It appears it is the server breaking, and there’s nothing we can do other than sit there and wait for the FFXIV data centres from blowing up. A few days, ago, Square Enix published a blog post talking about the very likely scenario of server queues. They anticipated very large server queues for the game, courtesy of the growing population and the inevitable hype for the Endwalker expansion since its explosive growth over the summer. There is another error code too, but it is only affecting a small portion of the player base after disconnecting from the game server rather than the login server.

Combine this with a lack of superconductors to get even more servers, it was a recipe for disaster. Squeenix is aware of the problems, so, here is to hoping the server issue only gets smoother from here on out.

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