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Lobby Error 5006 FFXIV has returned for the Endwalker launch

Hello there, angel from my nightmare.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021 10:59 am
Lobby Error 5006 FFXIV has returned for the Endwalker launch

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The FFXIV Endwalker Early Access went live at 9 AM this morning (GMT), allowing players entry into the highly anticipated Endwalker early access. Those who can log in are finding plenty of new MSQs to complete, jobs, and other content they can explore and enjoy. Unfortunately, like other large MMO launches, there are bound to be server congestion, causing the servers to stress out and throw their toys out of their pram. One of these issues is the Login Error 5006 code.

What is the Login Error 5006 code?

The login error 5006 code is a historical error code that is too familiar to the FFXIV community. It appears it is back with a vengeance with the Endwalker Early Access launch. In fact, it is one of the two unfortunate error codes many players are experiencing. The other issue players are experiencing is the 2002 error code, which is the most common login queue error occuring this time around. Note that Square Enix is aware of the issue and is trying its best to mitigate the server issues.

However, they have not publicly mentioned the Login Error 5006 code. It appears this one is the main one that players got to experience during the Shadowbringers launch two years ago. Although, this time around, it seems like this largely affects complete disconnection and client issues. If you get into a server and DC, you’ll encounter this login error 5006 instead of the 2002 error code. There also seems to be a launcher issue when this happens, as pictured above in our article’s image header.

Sadly, if you get this error code, there isn’t much you can do about it. It is very, very, very likely that it is the servers stressing out and booting you off because of temporary server disruption. The game will calm down, and this error will fade back into the calamity from whence it came, but for now, expect it to ravage the game servers for the next few days and as we head into the opening weekend.

Square Enix did issue a blog post the other day telling players to expect the worst due to server shortages due to the superconductor market, and the expanding player base, on top of the guaranteed popularity of the expansion launch. If you don’t want to deal with queues and almost certain lag or error codes, maybe avoid it for the opening weekend?   

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