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Is Steam down? – when is the next Steam maintenance?

Steam servers going down will stop you playing on their service so we see if Steam is down

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 9:13 am
Is Steam down? – when is the next Steam maintenance?

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As you’re enjoying your time playing any multiplayer game through Steam, you might find that you can’t connect to their servers. Especially annoying as you try to climb the CS2 ladder but you find it’s down, so is Steam down right now?

As Steam hosts plenty of servers for different games if their hosting goes down, then it might disrupt your experience. There may be different reasons, we’ve seen DDOS attacks overwhelm servers and their working capability, or planned maintenance disrupt your gaming experience.

Steam services 15 02 2024
Steam Services showing as Normal for the most part on Feb 15th, 2024 (source: steamstat.us)

Is Steam down?

As of right now, Steam is up for the majority of users. It doesn’t have too many issues for the moment. However, DownDetector does reveal some dips (also seen in the graph above) as of February 15th, 2024. There does seem to be some Server Connection issues for some users, this spiked at 10,152 reports on the 14th, but has now been resolved for the majority of users.

Steam DownDetector 15 02 2024
Users reported Steam outages on February 14th & 15th, 2024 (source: DownDetector)

You can check how Steam is doing via the unofficial page of Steam Status, or by looking at DownDetector to see if the page is down for anyone else.

Generally speaking, the Steam servers are pretty rock-steady. Unplanned outages aren’t seen very often, so they’re bound to catch everyone off-guard. What you do want to look out for though is planned maintenance – more on that just below.

When is Steam maintenance?

Steam performs Steam maintenance every week. They occur on Tuesdays at 11 pm BST/ 3 pm PDT/ 6 pm EDT/ 5 pm CDT/ 12 am CEST/ 3:30 am IST/7:30 am ACST. This maintenance takes down servers that are done by Steam and even the platform itself. Which means you can’t connect to it or play multiplayer such as Counter-Strike 2 or Dota 2.

This means that today, February 15th, 2024, we shouldn’t see any outage. Refer to the times listed above to see how this can affect you once Tuesday comes back around in your timezone. The maintenance can occur before this time too, so don’t be caught off guard if Steam goes down a little earlier.

How long are Steam servers down?

Usually, the maintenance takes any time between 30-60 minutes. So you could be out waiting for quite some time and might be worth doing something else in the meantime rather than sitting and waiting for the servers to come back online.

Why does Steam do maintenance?

Server maintenance allows the service to be kept up to date and the uptime is prolonged in general. Shutting down the servers allows any updates to be done on them, or any new features added to it. This will make sure that the experience otherwise is a good one and keeps them running for longer. It also ensures the security of them to keep them up to date with the latest.

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