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Are CS:GO servers down? Connecting to CS:GO network error

The CS:GO servers are down following a small update

Updated: Jun 5, 2023 2:21 pm
Are CS:GO servers down? Connecting to CS:GO network error

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CS:GO is arguably Valve’s greatest creation, giving you the chance to fight off enemy attackers trying to plant a bomb on your turf, or be the bomber yourself. Reports that CS:GO servers are down can be frustrating, especially when it strikes right before you start your gaming session.

If you’re having trouble logging into the CS:GO network when you launch the game, then the CS:GO servers could be experiencing problems. Today we answer if that’s the case – or if your error is simply a one-off.

Are CS:GO servers down right now?

As of right now, May 9th, 2023 DownDetector isn’t reporting any issues for CSGO, or Counter-Strike in general. There was a spike of 41 reports the day prior, but this doesn’t seem to be an ongoing problem at this time.

If you’re launching CS:GO for the first time today, and seeing the “Connecting to CS:GO network” blue bar at the top of your screen, you’re out of luck for the time being. One of the best things about CS:GO is its reliability and its server status. But nothing is ever perfect. With no current outages though, the problem could mean you need to update your game or simply restart Steam.

Is CS:GO down?

If you happen to be experiencing issues relating to CS:GO inventory, matchmaking, or logging into the game server, then CS:GO might be down. Either that or your internet is having an off day. You can check the Steam Service checker for an updated report on whether or not CS:GO is down.

We’ll try and keep you as up-to-date as we can on whether CS:GO is down or not, but for now, read on to find out about some of the issues that have been plaguing CS:GO players over the past month.

Steam weekly maintenance

If you’re there on a Tuesday, it could be that Steam is down itself. It performs maintenance on its servers which do go offline, so you can’t connect to multiplayer. One of these servers will be CS:GO as such you won’t be able to use it and have to wait for the maintenance to finish.

There will likely be server maintenance happening on May 9th, 2023. You can likely see the outage occur before or around 3 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Eastern Time / 11 PM British Summer Time.

CS:GO inventory issues

CS:GO inventories are hosted on a separate server to the matchmaking and general play servers. This is a great idea because it frees up the game servers to, well, worry about playing the game. However, this also means they have their own issues sometimes, knocking out CS:GO inventories.

image 4

As of right now (May 9th, 12:06 GMT+1), the CS:GO player inventory servers are working as normal, as reported by Steam Status.

If there were any issues, this would mean we could see issues with inventories loading properly and players being unable to trade, but or access skins properly. We would recommend you not buy anything until the inventory servers are back under normal load.

CS:GO matchmaking issues

Most users should be able to load CS:GO and access their inventories, but for some people, problems arise in the form of matchmaking errors. If you are having trouble finding a public game in CS:GO, then you might be suffering from these issues also.

CS:GO matchmaking error

Sometimes network issues aren’t so clear cut. As of now, there is no maintenance scheduled on the CS:GO servers. So there should be no planned outages.

How do I fix connecting to CS:GO network error?

You can’t really do much, unfortunately, unless you’re disconnected from the internet. But in that case, how are you reading this?

You can try rebooting CS:GO, but if that doesn’t work, you can take it one step further and try rebooting your whole PC. Sometimes things just need a refresh, especially if they’ve been on for a long time.

One last thing you can try to do is validate the game files for CS:GO. Sometimes things just don’t work as intended and need a little validation to help get things running smoothly again.

When will the CS:GOs servers be back online?

It’s hard to say when the CS:GO servers will be back online while suffering outages, especially during a time when there is no scheduled maintenance on the servers.

Valve will no doubt be aware of any issues their community tweet about as soon as any outage starts. One Twitter User by the name of @DonHaci Tweets:


This is a very old tweet, but it still represents the larger problem that the CS:GO servers are facing in recent times.

Let’s hope this doesn’t affect the CS2 beta.

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