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FFXIV 6.0 patch notes: Belts gone, new classes, and other Endwalker goodies revealed

Here are the FFXIV 6.0 Patch notes for Endwalker's early access and release date.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021 3:41 pm
Endwalker 6.0 patch notes

Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion is due to launch in several days, with the combination of the early access launch and the actual release date. Since the game is due to drop this week, many players are looking to do their research, and get ready for the game’s launch. Here are the FFXIV patch 6.0 notes for Endwalker’s launch.

FFXIV Endwalker 6.0 patch notes

There’s plenty of new content coming in the Endwalker patch notes. The first is all the new zones coming in the game. There is plenty of new areas, allowing players who are jumping into Endwalker the opportunity to play through, accompanied with new FATES. In addition, expect more Leves, Treasure Hunts, Housing, and more across the old expansions and Endwalker.

All the new content accompanying the expansions key features are dropping in the Endwalker 6.0 patch notes. You can play the two new classes, along with gaining another ten levels to progress through the MSQ story missions. 

Sage and Reaper

Two new jobs are coming to Endwalker when the Endlwaker early access arrives, Sage and Reaper. We have needed a healer for a long while, with White Mage, Astrologian, and Scholar carrying the healing department for some time. However, times have changed, and the Sage is here to give us beefy shields. Scholar has some great competition in that department now.

Meanwhile, we are getting another physical damage user in the form of the Reaper. Edge lords are happy, as now we have two-handed scythe-wielding maniacs slaying everyone, serving death itself.


Six new areas are coming in Endwalker, featuring the old Sharlayan, Radz-at-Han, Labyrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemad, and Mars Lamentorum. Each of these zones has a distinct theme, ranging from a moon looking environment to cool looking grass and desert looking locations.

Leves and Fates

Endwalker has some specific leve changes coming to the game. It is also worth mentioning Endwalker players will find the XP reward for LEVEs is capped at 1000 for jobs lower than 80. However, there is a huge money increase for completing leves in the other expansions to compensate for the rising inflation to avoid these tasks feeling obsolete for gil generation.

Meanwhile, Fates is getting an upgrade. 6.0 Fates now reward players who complete them with gemstones, which are a currency used by gemstone traders in Endwalker. Trading them in grants special rewards. Moreso, you can check your progress for fate completion for each area in the shared fate tab.


After years of isolation from the alliances, Ishagard has welcomed its arms to the gang. Now that they are an important part of the story, it’s only fair we adventurers can grab a piece of real estate in Ishgard’s Empyeum, offering us real estate in the wintery city. However, the bidding for the property will only begin in 6.1, so for now, you can visit the area and see what’s yet to be on offer.

Also, there’s plenty of new housing mechanics in the game. There’s an expanded flowering system, along with new aquarium features, and level 90 striking dummies. There’s plenty of other housing items too, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Experience Changes in the 6.0 patch notes

It is also worth mentioning there is a new experience rework coming in Endwalker, which changes how things work. Before the FFXIV maintenance kicks in for Endwalker, make sure you level and don’t get too much XP as XP values reset to 0. The other important part is the armory XP bonus is moving to 50%, so now you can play catch up to your main job much easier. Below you’ll find all the major experience changes coming to the game in terms of the value adjustments.

  • Experience points earned for defeating enemies.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing quests and levequests.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing Duty Roulette.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing guildleves.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing beast tribe daily quests.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing daily mark bills.
  • Experience points rewarded for completing challenge log entries.

For those that love spamming dungeons through the Duty Finder, then you should know you primarily get your experience from killing bosses, rather than the trash. It means zerg bosses and get your levels, rather than clearing as much trash you need.

RiP Belts in 6.0

One of the other big points of the patch notes is that belts are removed. How are meant to keep our pants up now? In all seriousness, belts are going, with the entire geat slot getting removed from our character sheets. It also means the belt slot in our armory chest is going. You can not get any materia or sell your belts either. You may as well bin your belts now while you can before the clothiers find a way to make them completely irrelevant upon the reset. 

There is still plenty of FFXIV Endwalker 6.0 patch notes to explore. We have highlighted most of the big key points within the text. If you want to check out the minutiae and get a proper peek at the new quests and dungeon aesthetics, we recommend checking out the full Endwalker patch notes over on the FFXIV Lodestone

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