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Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment

The long-anticipated Moonchase Festival finally comes to Genshin Impact in the Moonlight Merriment Event.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021 10:47 am
Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment

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Following a teaser back in August’s 2.1 Livestream, the time is finally here to participate in Genshin Impact’s Moonlight Merriment Seasonal Event. As a traveler, you will join Keqing and Xiangling in preparing for Liyue Harbor’s festivities.

Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment – When does it start?

The Moonlight Merriment event is going to take place between September 27 and October 11, but will have three stages. Path of Stalwart Stone will start the event at 10am server time, and Path of Gentle Breezes will take over on October 01 at 4am server time. Finally, Path of Austere Frost will be the third and final stage, starting on October 5 at 4am server time.

Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment – Eligibility

Join Keqing in preparing for the Moonchase Festival

In order to participate in Moonlight Merriment, you will need to already be Adventure Rank 28 or above. Then ensure you have completed the Chapter 1 Act 3 Quest A New Star Approaches. At this point, you will be able to take part in Moonlight Merriment and the Moonchase Festival.

Moonlight Merriment Event – Rewards

Throughout the event, Travelers will be able to earn themselves a number of different rewards, from Primogems to recipes and a bunch of Mora.

There are also some event-exclusive rewards to claim as well. During the second stage of the event, upon completion of the Moonlight Seeker missions, Travelers will be able to claim a Luxurious Sea-Lord, a fish-shaped Claymore. This will only be available during this event. You will also be able to earn some Emperor’s Balsam throughout Moonlight Merriment, which is the Refinement Material for the Luxurious Sea-Lord. As you will only get one Luxurious Sea-Lord, refinement can’t be carried out with an identical weapon, so Emperor’s Balsam is needed instead.

New missions have also been added to the Moonchaser Battle Pass, be sure to complete these as well for more BEP.


Genshin Impact Moonchase Festival

While this event is based around the preparation for the Moonchase Festival, we still haven’t got any details about when the Festival itself will take place in-game. However, with the current Moonchaser Battle Pass ending at the same time as the Moonlight Merriment Event, we can perhaps assume that the Festival will coincide with the end of this Battle Pass and the launch of the next.

Yunjin in Genshin Impact

Since the leak of the Moonchase Festival cutscene that featured Yunjin and Yelan, there has been some speculation that Yunjin may appear during the Festival, or even be added as a playable character. Again, there is no formal confirmation of this as yet, but we do know from the in-game notice board that Yunjin is set to perform at Liyue’s Heyu Tea House. Hopefully that performance is set to take place soon.

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