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Is Naraka Bladepoint crossplay? Xbox and PC crossplay restrictions

All the latest crossplay news ahead of Naraka Bladepoint's Xbox launch

Updated: Jun 24, 2022 3:15 pm
Is Naraka Bladepoint crossplay? Xbox and PC crossplay restrictions

With Naraka Bladepoint now launching on Xbox Series S and X, many fans of the game are starting to ask whether or not it’ll be crossplay. For the few console players who want to go toe-to-toe with the PC warriors, you’ll be happy to know that Naraka Bladepoint will be crossplay.

The Asian-inspired battle royale grew to global success after quickly selling over 10 million copies on Steam’s PC launcher. This inevitably led the Chinese developer 24 Entertainment to release the game on Xbox Series X and S via its Microsoft store (also available through the Xbox Game Pass).

However, the big question on everyone’s lips was whether or not Naraka Bladepoint would be crossplay. It seems like every console player wants to take on the PC world nowadays and put the age-old controller vs keyboard/mouse battle to bed. Fortunately, we all know the answer to that – and the answer surrounding Naraka Bladepoint’s Xbox/PC crossplay functionality.

While the new-to-Xbox game will indeed by crossplay, it will sadly come with some restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know about Naraka Bladepoint crossplay.

Is Naraka Bladepoint crossplay?

Yes, Naraka Bladepoint will indeed be crossplay between PC and Xbox consoles. This was highlighted in the recent Xbox announcement trailer which clearly stated that Naraka Bladepoint players could “battle with friends” across the available platforms.

Like other games that also offer crossplay functionality, within Naraka Bladepoint, gamers will be able to disable the crossplay functionality – restricting your opponents to either PC or Xbox (depending on what platform you’re using).

What platforms does Naraka Bladepoint support?

For those that don’t have an Xbox Series X or S, I’m afraid you clean out of luck. 24 Entertainment has decided to restrict the game to the next-gen Xbox consoles and PC.

That’s not to say that it won’t become available on other platforms at a later date, it just means that, right now, it’s not available anywhere else.

Does Naraka Bladepoint offer cross-progression?

This is where the restrictions come into play. While the game does offer some form of cross-progression – via the Xbox and Microsft Store PC versions – the same can not be said across all versions of the game.

Unfortunately, cross-progression will not be available between Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games store versions. This is mainly due to the fact that Steam and Epic Games versions feature different ranking systems compared to Xbox and Microsoft Store.

Everything unique to the console version of the game will be listed below:

  • Optimization based on Xbox Series X|S, including better graphics, more stable frame rate and shorter matching time.
  • Optimization based on the Xbox controller, including improved fighting experience, main menu interface operation and face customization.
  • Better sound effects, supported by Dolby Atmos and other audio setups.
  • Independent Ranking system for Xbox and MSPC players.
  • Unique events and competitions for Xbox players.

Naraka Bladepoint trailer

For anyone that missed the official Xbox game pass announcement trailer, fear not, we’ve got it below:

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