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How to Pre order Marauders: space piracy, in space

Marauders Pre Order sign up: get your hands on the new Space Tarkov esque extract game

Updated: Jul 20, 2022 11:06 am
Marauders pre order

The Marauders Pre Order is live, and buying the game now will get you access to the Marauders Beta which began on 20/07/2022. Read below for all the info you need to know about how to get hold of the game ASAP.

Where to Pre Order Marauders

Currently, the only place you can pre order Marauders is via the official Marauders game site ran by publishers Team17 and developers Small Impact Games. The game is listed on Steam, though you can’t pre-order via the Steam site/app. Signing up on the official website will get you a Steam code however.

How much is Marauders?

The Marauders game is very reasonably priced, and you get an additional discount if you pre order it ahead of the full release date.

You can buy Marauders for $27.00 /£24.99 if you pre order the game, and as at 11/07/2022 you can get it for an additional 10% discount! (that’s £22.50 if you live in the UK and a similar reduction in the US).

Is Marauders just Space Tarkov?

Despite the different settings of both games, it’s undeniable that Marauders takes a lot of elements from Battlestate Game’s Escape From Tarkov: both games are extract-style titles, where players have a limited time to complete their objectives within a map where they can engage in PVP and PVE combat, and then leave, in order to secure their inventory. Both games are heavily loot-focused, and have similar ‘mission’ mechanics given by individuals/factions to kill a certain number of people using a certain weapon for instance, or to retrieve a certain number of items. There’s a myriad different weapons and loadouts available in both games, although the customization and detail of Tarkov isn’t yet seen in Marauders, at least in the Closed Alpha gameplay we’ve seen so far.

Generally, Marauders is a less hardcore title than Tarkov is: the healing mechanics and combat are slightly more simplistic. In addition to this, the biggest difference is probably the additional extra ship-based gameplay that Marauders has – with no vehicular combat in Tarkov. Read our Marauders ship guide to get to grips with the different vessels of the game.

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