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PSVR 2 could be delayed until 2023, missing the holiday season

Latest rumors report later launch for Sony's new headset.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022 12:42 pm
PSVR 2 could be delayed until 2023, missing the holiday season

While we’ve been getting further looks at the Playstation VR2, with our first glimpses of the headset landing not too long ago. There have been some rumors about that report that we might actually see the headset release in Q1 of 2023, instead of hitting in time for the holiday season of this year, which is what many punters expected. It could be that the company is looking to switch up what they were doing with this year’s planned holiday season, or it could even be impacted because of issues with actually producing enough units in time for Christmas. Additionally, this could also be a strategic move by Sony to move out of the way of the likes of the Oculus Quest Pro, and whatever Apple might be cooking up in the VR space.

Has the PSVR 2 been delayed?

PSVR 2 design 3

Strictly speaking, the PSVR 2 has not been delayed, since there was never a release date. However, many predicted that it would be out by December 2022, and on shelves in time for Christmas. This rumor comes courtesy of YouTuber PSVR without parole, who successfully gave us the specifications of the PSVR 2 ahead of its official launch. You can see the claim in the video directly below. Obviously, take any rumors from YouTubers and leakers with a grain of salt, they don’t always manage to get things correct, you’ve been warned. At least, the Q1 2023 speculation tells us that they want a little bit more time to spend with getting everything they need for the PSVR 2 to launch.

What are Sony’s plans for Christmas?


Alternatively, there could also be a different strategy in place right now. Sony could alternatively be planning to give the Playstation 5 another flagship holiday year in order to ensure that they can build upon the install base as much as possible in order to ensure that they can build up a robust ecosystem of hardware and software working in tandem. The current global semiconductor shortage has done a lot to damage the speed at which some of these pans were being made. Therefore this can also impact the speed to which we’re getting to see the platform not only get exclusive games but also new hardware, like the PSVR 2. We even saw Horizon: Forbidden West release on Playstation 4, so when are we going to get truly ‘Next-Gen’ content that’s not limited by the fact that we’re still being held back by old hardware, because of and directly impacted by the global semiconductor shortage.

The fact that we’re facing a further year simply dedicated to the Playstation 5 means that Sony might still not be 100% confident in the size of the install base. Another factor involved could potentially be having software ready for the PSVR 2, this means new games and other immersive titles that manage to bridge the gap between everything that you’re able to do and more thorough the use of VR. Securing exclusive content for VR is additionally challenging, and now Sony is going to face some significant competition, especially when it comes to people being able to experience VR. Meta is poised to release Project Cambria, and Sony could easily be left in the dust.

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