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Apple VR headset may be on the horizon according to new iOS update

Apple's VR headset could be on the horizon, here's what we know so far.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022 10:06 am
apple vr headset

Apple events, updates, and product launches have always been a hotbed for rumors. These range from the mundane like ‘Apple watch 6 will have new watch faces to the exciting subject of this article, the Apple VR headset. Of course, in classic Apple fashion, nothing has been confirmed or announced, but according to the famed Apple leaker Mark Gurman, this particular rumor looks to hold water.

As in years past, people pour over the patch notes and source code of new iOS updates in order to find hints and references to upcoming new technology and Mr. Gurman appears convinced that the Apple VR headset will be arriving soon.

The subject of an Apple VR headset has been rumored for years since the Oculus Rift finally made VR technology somewhat accessible back in 2016. Given its huge popularity on release, and continued growth in customer base in the years since it’s no wonder that Apple and other companies are all foaming at the mouth, keen to make their own VR headsets. If Mark Gurman is to be believed, the beta iOS update is absolutely brimming with references to an upcoming VR headset.

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Apple VR headset rumored specs

As with any rumor, we recommend a healthy serving of salt to help manage expectations, but some of the features are looking seriously cool.

  • 2x 8k 1.4-inch displays
  • 12x external cameras for gestural tracking
  • Additional AMOLED display for foveal imaging (Foveal in this case refers to the ability to vary the resolution across the display depending on where the user’s eyes are focussed.)
  • Apple M1 chip
  • Wi-Fi 6E

Apple VR Headset design

There have been a few different concepts floating about for the VR headset already and it’s looking very sleek. Well-known concept artist Ian Zelbo has created a few renders and they look pretty realistic, echoing the design philosophy of the AirPods Max.

apple vr headset potential design

Apple VR Headset potential release date

Apple has a long history of laying the groundwork for new products in software updates ahead of time, then the new product in question usually arrives within a year, if not just a few months afterward. Given the number of references to VR and AR in the beta iOS update, we could see the Apple VR headset landing pretty soon. Current rumors put the release date of the Apple VR headset in the second half of 2022 before fall.

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