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Mar 30, 2022 12:18 pm

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Project Cambria controller patent revealed

Patents confirm renders

Project Cambria Controllers

We’ve been keeping our eyes on Project Cambria, which is also often referred to as an Oculus Quest Pro. Now, reputable VR analyst Brad Lynch has reported that they’ve found the patent for the Project Cambria controller, which appears to be looking fairly similar to leaked renders of the device previously. Project Cambria itself is looking to be a souped-up standalone VR headset, with Meta putting out a teaser for the device last year. However, official details are still light, as the company has not chosen to communicate more about the upcoming headset.

Presumably, they’re waiting it out to finalize the hardware, in addition to getting an ample supply of the hardware in order to launch with a proper bang, instead of an out-of-stock nightmare that we’ve seen with most tech launches for the past few years, no thanks to the global semiconductor shortage that has plagued the industry. Regardless, the show must go on as technology advances, and devices get more complex, and as the burgeoning investment into the idea of a ‘metaverse’ continues, Meta needs to show that they’re still serious, even if their incredibly popular Quest 2 remains to be one of the most popular VR headsets on the planet, according to recent Steam surveys.

Project Cambria controller patent

The patent shows off force-feedback triggers for the controller and was submitted in 2019, showing us the intended design of the controller itself, as well as the force-feedback mechanisms that Meta is looking to implement in what is sure to be a high-powered headset if our expectations for the device ring true. Therefore, we’ve got to see just how the controllers will work, their design, which is all but confirmed, and more. You can view the patent here.

Force feedback triggers are going to be an incredibly dynamic part of the VR controller space over the next few years. As Playstation VR uses their haptic triggers to emulate the look, feel and weight of actions, it opens up a huge window of opportunity for VR, as developers will now be able to fine-tune the same thing with Meta’s upcoming device, in addition to the Playstation VR 2. For example, different guns could not have different trigger weights, in addition to different substances having different ‘feelings’ while in-game.

We already saw a leaked render of the Project Cambria controller, which no longer has any of the iconic rings around the controllers as the Quest 2 did, but instead gives you presumably further functionality. We’ll echo exactly what we said before regarding Project Cambria’s controllers: Please, for the love of all that is holy allow us to recharge the batteries without having to go and purchase an extra doodad ourselves. It also goes without saying that this has nothing to do with Quest 3, since that is still a long way off, though we could see some of the same technologies deployed in those controllers, too.

This is just another part of the myriad of innovations that you could present to the VR industry as it continues to mature, and as developers begin to figure out exactly what might be possible in the VR space. We can’t wait to hear more about what Project Cambria has to offer, so keep your eyes peeled right here on WePC for everything that you need to know about Project Cambria, as we continue to keep a close eye on the latest developments on what Meta has cooked up in their heads for the next headset.

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