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RTX 4090 GPUs listed on Overclockers UK pushing £2000

It was a great time when we could buy a whole system for the price of one of these

Updated: Sep 22, 2022 3:31 pm
RTX 4090 GPUs listed on Overclockers UK pushing £2000

Earlier this week Nvidia announced its RTX 4000 series of graphics cards. Along with the new and updated technology came a big shock in pricing.

Now the Ada cards are coming out in a staggered manner. So it’s only the RTX 4090 that is coming out first, and it is set to hit shelves on the 12th of October.

In its announcements, Nvidia only gave us US pricing which has an MSRP of $1,599. Previously, international pricing has tended to be lower or on par without tax.

But now following the announcement we’re slowly seeing what the European and UK market might have to live with. With Overclockers one of the first in the UK to list the cards with some pricing in the information alongside.

This may not be the final set price but it wouldn’t surprise us if it is. For now, you can only sign up for a notification of when the card launches so you can browse which design suits you best. But it will be at 2pm UK time on the day so be ready.

RTX 4090 specs and release

RTX 4090 pricing

So far Overclockers has listed 18 different models across the board for your perusal. And although they don’t have a sales price the information on a lot of them informs you of it.

There is a lot of variation between some of the options. With a range of air-cooled, water-cooled, or overclocked models changing how much they will cost you.

So if you’re looking to sign up, here are your options:

There are also two RTX 4080’s that have been listed.

If these aren’t quite the ones for you, check out where to buy RTX 4090 or where to buy RTX 4080.

RTX 4000 UK FAQs

How much is the RTX 4090 in the UK?

Right now Overclockers have put up listings for the RTX 4090 models. Although you can’t buy them yet they do have some price information. The suggested pricing puts the RTX 4090 in the range of £1,679 to £1,999. The difference comes from the cooling solution and clock rate as well as the quality you’re looking for.

How much is the RTX 4080 in the UK?

Right now there is one listing for each variant on Overclockers. Although not available yet it does give us some expected pricing information. Now the two PNY cards are set to £1,269 and £949 for the 16GB and 12GB models respectively. But this doesn’t give us the same range as the 4090 so there may still be some change.

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