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Is Discord on Xbox?

Can you use Discord on Xbox or is it still mostly superficial?

Updated: May 3, 2022 4:12 pm
is discord on xbox2

As far as Xbox live chat goes, it is pretty user-friendly and works as expected, however, nothing can compete with Discord. Discord is the PC platform’s most popular way of communicating with friends, offering users a wide range of features for free. We thought Christmas had come early when Discord integrated with the Xbox One, however, it’s a bit basic. The Discord integration doesn’t give console players the same access to this VOIP as it does on PC, instead, the integration just means you can show fellow discord friends what you are playing and they can join your game slightly easier.

Discord has fabulous scope and already features loads of bustling communities. It would be great if players, no matter their favored game or past time, could join like-minded discord servers, chat, make friends, or find other players.

Why link Xbox to Discord?

If you can’t chat with people on Discord then what’s the point of linking your account? It would be great to see the application flourish under the Xbox Series X but there is no real indication as to what that might look like or when it might be. For the time being Discord integration has little face value, allowing you to broadcast what you are playing to friends, and making it slightly easier to join your game, that’s it.

Connecting your Discord and Xbox accounts

When you connect your Xbox account to Discord, the information will be visible on both your mini profile and the full profile.

Before you begin connecting the two, you need to set up your own Discord account first. This is very simple to do and of course free, head over to Discord, pick a username and password, add in your email address, and verify the account.

Now you’ve created an account, you just need to link the two together. Turn on your Xbox console and head to your Gamertag. Select ‘Settings‘, and then select ‘Account‘. From here you need to select ‘Linked social accounts‘, which is going to prompt you for your Xbox account passkey.

On the Discord tile, select ‘Link‘. Now, head to the discord app / web browser on your console, select ‘Settings‘ > ‘Connections‘ > ‘Add‘ and then select the Xbox logo.

How to remove the sync for Discord on Xbox

On your Xbox console, go to ‘Accounts > Linked Social Accounts‘ and under Discord, if you have previously linked an account, you will have a button to unlink.

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