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Final Fantasy 16 – Release Date & Trailers

Updated: Jan 17, 2023 11:53 am
Final fantasy 16 release date

The Final Fantasy series is one of the giants in RPG games, completely beloved by fans all around the world, and standing through the test of time, too. As part of a 2022 PS5 Showcase, Sony revealed Final Fantasy XVI, so what’s happened between now and then? Let’s have a look…

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Final Fantasy XVI release date and trailers

Final Fantasy XVI will indeed release on June 22nd 2023, that was first confirmed at The Game Awards 2022 in December. Now that’s over and done with, let’s see at what we can expect by taking a look at gameplay footage, trailers and the latest news!

The Games Award 2022 trailer (below), was the first in a long string of trailers which finally gave the date. The trailers before seemed to stagger the release date announcement. The Games Award 2022 trailer treated us with a fair amount of detail:

The Awakening Trailer (below) was the first trailer, and whilst it was pretty generous for a first reveal, it did not give us the date.

Then, we were given a second trailer (below) in June 2022, that confirmed the game’s release for Summer 2023, but that was all.

Subsequently after the excitement of this trailer, came this amazing Story Trailer, “AMBITION” (below), which gave us some interesting insight into the game’s content. This was released October 2022.

There we have it, that brings us up to date with the trailers and the release date.

What is the Final Fantasy 16 story?

Now we have a pretty good idea what to expect from the game. We can tell the story from all the accumulative pieces of the trailers. What’s important about most if not all FF games is the roster of characters. Moreover, how the story is interwoven throughout them. These trailers introduce these characters.

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The game is set in the land of Valisthea. Divided into six different realms and dominated by mountainous Mothercrystals, the source of magic in the world. Within these separate world, is a person called a Dominant. These Dominants contain a destructive power called an Eikon, which can emerge from them as a catastrophic monster. Some are weapons to their people, some are Kings and Queens, and some are worshipped.

Clive Rosfield, seeminly shaping up to be the main protagonist – is sworn to protect his youngest brother, Joshua, the realm’s Dominant. Then there’s Jill Warrick, a close friend to both. This trio has been identified from what we can gather. Much less is clear the tragedy that will ignite the fires of revenge in Clive. 

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