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Samsung G8 vs G9

Which great Samsung monitor will take the cake?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023 2:32 pm
Samsung G8 vs G9

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Another day, another Samsung monitor comparison. And can you blame us? These are really two amazing monitors. While Samsung G9 is the older one, many still discuss its capabilities compared to the QD-OLED beauty the Samsung G8. So why wait? It’s a discussion worthy of a read (and a write).

Samsung G8 vs G9: Specifications

34″ Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

SAMSUNG 34 Inch Odyssey G8

Refresh Rate


Response time


Screen size



3440 x 1440

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Samsung G8 is a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor that’s been grabbing headlines since its announcement in August 2022 thanks to its innovative QD-OLED panel use. This groundbreaking technology enables Samsung G8 to produce some of the most colorful, lifelike images you’ll see on a display. Additionally, with a 3440×1440 resolution, 0.1ms response time, and a 175Hz refresh rate, the G8 is a gaming station worthy of just about anyone.

In addition to its impressive specs, the G8 also comes with up to 65 watts of USB power delivery and is certified with VESA’s DisplayHDR True Black 400 – shadows on this monitor are really a sight to behold. Lastly, it doesn’t have an aggressive curve like the G9, equaling 1800R, and there is AMD FreeSync Premium ready to kill off all possible screen stuttering and tearing.

However, the G8 faces tough competition from its sister monitor, Samsung Odyssey G9. This well-known behemoth is extreme in every aspect, from its 49-inch ultrawide screen to its 1000R curvature. In other words, the G9 is one of the most awe-inspiring monitors on the market today, and its curved design only adds to the immersive experience it offers.

Samsung G8 vs G9: Performance

The G9’s larger screen and more encapsulating curvature might be just by the taste of someone, compared to the “moderateness” of the G8. It also has a higher refresh rate, 240Hz, but just falls short when it comes to response time. No match for OLED, unfortunately.

On the other hand, the Samsung G8 has one decisive advantage, which is naturally, QD-OLED technology. It trumps the G9’s VA panel every day of the year, and it’s not personal – hues, blacks, and overall vibrance are just so better with OLED, it’s a game-changer. Plus, the G8 has more civil dimensions, which are in the line with what most people consider the most optimal pick.

Samsung G8 vs G9: Price

The price is almost the same; $1499 for the G8, and $1399 for G9. The G9 is right now discounted for 9% on Amazon though, seeing its price go down to $1280 at this very moment. But the price is of little matter here.

Samsung G8 vs G9: Which is best

While the G9 is an amazing monitor, the G8 is newer, fresher, much more colorful, and with a cohort of Samsung’s latest features such as Gaming Hub and Smart TV functions. The G8 is the better of those two – but kudos to the G9 for staying strong even after almost three years (!) on the market.

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