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AMD CEO reveals predictions for chip shortage in 2022, talks AM5 longevity

Dr. Lisa Su reveals all in new interview

Updated: Jan 7, 2022 10:43 am
AMD CEO reveals predictions for chip shortage in 2022, talks AM5 longevity

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When we got our first glimpses of socket AM5 from AMD earlier this week, some may have been worried that this brand-new socket might be phased out quickly like so many other Intel chips have done in the past. The only other socket with similar longevity to what we’ve seen with AM4 is possibly Socket 775, which was used all the way from Pentium 4 to the first dual-core CPUs between 2004-2009.

For those who are on Team Blue who may be wondering what all the AM4 hype is about, AMD has been using this socket all the way from the first-ever Ryzen processor in 2017. Five years later, it looks like it is finally being retired. AMD showed off an AM5 socket, which will be using an LGA 1718 array. This means we will be saying goodbye to the pins on the bottom of Ryzen processors, since Zen 4 and beyond looks to go back to the ‘pad’ format instead, with a curiously designed IHS on the CPUs themselves.

Speaking to PCWorld, in an interview which is seemingly not live on their site any more (but can be accessed on the WayBack Machine). You can see remnants of the article still live on PCWorld here. Senior figures at AMD talk AM5 and the global semiconductor shortage.


Lisa Su, CEO of AMD claims that AM5 will be a ‘long-lived platform’, which is to say the socket won’t be immediately ditched after a year of usage. She continues to say that ‘[AMD] has been extremely pleased with how AM4 has evolved’. Given the track record that AMD now have with keeping their sockets alive for years, we can expect to see that AM5 gets the same treatment, though AMD has not made the same commitment with AM5 as we saw with AM4 yet when they stated that they would support the socket up until 2020.

Further in the interview, David McAfee, AMD’s CVP of Product Management stated that ‘you’ll get a lot more details about socket AM5 as we roll into 2022. But as the name would suggest, it truly is a successor to our AM4 socket infrastructure that’s in the market today.’

Lisa Su comments on chip shortage in 2022

When speaking about the chip shortage, Dr. Lisa Su continued to say that ‘I will say that there are still some supply, demand imbalances in the supply chain right now.’ she continues ‘I think the first half of 2022 will continue to be tight. My expectation is that things will get a bit better as we go through the year’.

It remains to be seen if the chip shortage will indeed continue. Regardless, it’s good to see that such a figurehead such as Lisa Su continues to speak out directly to journalists and to consumers about what to expect in such an unprecedented time for the global semiconductor industry, where so many are simply unable to get the parts that they want or need.

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