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Inside Xbox Biggest Announcements

Updated: Nov 16, 2022 12:31 pm
Inside Xbox Biggest Announcements

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Today saw the latest Inside Xbox Livestream showcasing the latest announcements, news, and games for the Xbox Series X. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at their biggest announcements below.

Working Through COVID-19

They began by reassuring us that, despite the international health crisis, teams are still working hard from their respective homes to continue work on the “100s of games coming to Xbox Series X in 2021”. In fact, they have promised us plenty of gameplay reveals this July – so keep your eyes peeled for that.

All the games in today’s update are optimized for Xbox Series X and come with Smart Delivery. This basically means that if you buy a guy for the Xbox One and then upgrade to the Xbox Series X, you’ll be able to play the game on both consoles at the highest quality possible.

Bright Memory Infinite

The first game we saw seemed to be set in Feudal Japan, but with the player toting some serious gunpower – literally. As we see the first-person perspective running through a castle, taking people out with some good old slow-mo thrown in for good measure, they then jump into a car and have some kind of street race. Not really sure what to make of this one from that trailer alone, but it definitely looks interesting.

Dirt 5

The latest game in the Dirt franchise has a good-looking collection of new tracks from around the world for players to enjoy. While the tracks and backdrops looked impressive, we didn’t really get a good looking at anything too exciting from the trailer itself. They did reveal who your mentor and rival would be in the career though, Troy Baker and Nolan North (from the hit  YouTube let’s play show Retro Replay) will be voicing these characters – definitely a good reason to check it out.


A very impressive and creepy trailer, this had all of us at WePC sending frantic messages to each other trying to guess what it was (well done to Lewie over at PCGuide who actually got it right). We didn’t get a look at any gameplay, or any kind of story really, but we did see some great atmospheric shots that got us all excited.


The main thing I took away from this, as a woman in gaming, was the fact that the protagonist was a female and seemed to be some kind of chosen warrior integral to the storyline. For a game with a sci-fi setting, this was incredibly refreshing and exciting to see. Again, we didn’t get a look at much of the game itself – this was definitely a day of teasers and cinematic trailers.

Madden NFL 21

We were then visited by an NFL QB to let us know that Madden NFL 21 is coming up soon. We were then given a nostalgic look at all the previous Madden games leading up to this one, taking a look at just how far game design and graphics have come.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

I am officially traumatized from the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 trailer. It opened with one dude dancing with a bunch of human puppets around a Christmas tree and me shouting “nope!” and moving away from my desk. And then I remembered that I needed to keep watching so I could write this up, and I was glad I came back.

This game looks awesome. Suitably creepy and disturbing, but still stylish and modern – just like VtM should be. Despite the human puppets, I’m probably going to need to pick this up.

Call Of The Sea

We didn’t get to see very much from this title, but it appears to be a puzzle-based game similar to Legend of Grimrock or Vaporum where you need to explore a variety of maps and solve puzzles along the way. Call of the Sea is set on a beatiful tropical island though, and you’re searching for a missing loved one. A lot of potential for a great game here for those interested in the genre.

The Ascent

Imagine living in a world controlled so much by capitalism that people are practically slaves to the system. Well, you can live out this far-fetched fantasy in The Ascent, only this time, you actually get to be part of the revolution.

The Medium

We also got a look at the brand new psychological horror game – The Medium. Set in Poland, this game tackles the question of “what makes us human” and looks just as terrifying as we would expect. With a soundtrack penned by the guy responsible for the music in the Silent Hill games – we just know that this is going to be our next favorite horror game.

Scarlet Nexus

Anime lovers rejoice – this game is for you. The planet is being invaded by “The Others”, strange plant-like creatures with legs who “Cannot be hurt. Cannot be stopped…Until now!”. And, of course, you get to play as one of the only people who can defeat them. You play as an elite psionic warrior, here to save the world. Even the soundtrack took me back to my anime days.

Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth

Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth is a multiplayer FPS game where you get to shoot dinosaurs. That’s really all the information we got from the trailer, but the scenery design was absolutely stunning. Without much more to go on, there isn’t a lot to say. But, I can see me and fireteam having a blast with this one.

Yakuza Like A Dragon

And we’re back in Japan once more with the latest Yakuza game – Yakuza: Like A Dragon. You play as a Yakuza member who gets shot by the boss, but somehow you’re not dead and instead find yourself in possession of a magical weapon? Oh, Japan. I have no idea how all that happens, but the game itself looks like a lot of fun, and very reminiscent of other games in the series.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

An Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay world premiere, but without any real gameplay to see. We saw cutscene-style shots, but no real glimpse of how the gameplay will play out for us, the players. Of course, this is very early days for this game, so it’s to be expected. But, come on Xbox, don’t get our hope up like that. Still, we can’t deny just how good this game looks, even if we have to sit and listen to one of our writers (Mike, I’m looking at you) explaining how each little detail is historically inaccurate.

Final Word

Well, Xbox, you big tease. We got to see some exciting trailers today, but no real demos of gameplay or anything too specific. It’s great to hear that the teams are all still working hard to get these games out to the fans though. We’ll definitely be tuning in for the Xbox Game Studios Livestream in July to see what they have in store. Until then, I’ll be trying to wipe that Vampire the Masquerade trailer from my memory so I can sleep at night.

Let us know which game you’re most looking forward to in the comments!

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