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Is Meta Quest Pro 4K?

Is the Meta Quest Pro 4K? Is that enough?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 4:12 pm
Is Meta Quest Pro 4K?

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The Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s latest entry into the VR market. It’s already started dividing a few critics, but there are no two ways about it, the Pro is certainly an impressive piece of kit.

We’ve had 4K TVs for some time now, but VR is still very much catching up in that regard. The original Meta Quest 2 lens, for example, displays at a resolution of 1832 x 1920 per eye at 120Hz – which is ‘almost 4K’ when combined. So surely the brand new Pro model ramps up the resolution that little bit more? Let’s find out.

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So, is the Meta Quest Pro 4K?

In short, yes – but only to the same level as the previous Meta Quest 2. That’s because the Pro uses roughly the same resolution lens – dual 1,800 x 1920 screens running at 90Hz.

However, where the Pro gets the edge is in the details. The Pro has more than  37% more pixels per inch, along with a 25% improvement in full-field visual sharpness.

Elsewhere, there is 10% bump in pixels per degree compared with the Quest 2. You can expect a 1.3X improvement in the color gamut, too as well as local dimming to further improve immersion.
Unsurprisingly, Meta Quest Pro supports 4K

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Next-Generation Optics of Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest 2, with its Fresnel lenses, had a resolution of nearly 4k pixels. Meta Quest Pro uses thin pancake optics that fold light several times over and provides a 40% reduction in the optical module resulting in clear, crisp scenery. Resultantly, Meta Quest Pro is undoubtedly 4K enabled and supports high-resolution content.

Virtual Reality is all about visuals which is why Meta has given special attention to the advancement of resolution in its latest headset. It also provides a more natural experience of gaming with the two LCDs that use local dimming and quantum dot technology for more vivid and richer colors.

Meta Quest Pro, compared to Meta Quest 2 has over 37% more pixels per inch, along with a 25% improvement in full-field visual sharpness. The improvement in pixel density paired with the specialized backlight hardware and algorithm software makes everything look better.

Full color-mixed-reality

Let’s not go back to the 1900s when everything virtual was black and white. Meta Quest Pro, with an all-new sensor architecture, captures the surroundings in high resolution resulting in high-definition, full color-mixed reality experiences. It also supports a 3D view of the world, with its stereoscopic mixed reality Passthrough.

Meta Quest Pro supports 4K content with its advanced architecture and high-resolution camera, as the headset is designed to provide a more natural-looking and colorful experience rather than a confined black and vast arena.

The 4k resolution of Meta Quest Pro also helps create better avatars with more natural expressions and human attributes.

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