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MW2 Coop Mode – Is MW2 Campaign Coop?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023 3:53 pm
MW2 Coop Mode – Is MW2 Campaign Coop?

Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter game that has been immensely popular among gamers, and it comes with both single-player and multiplayer game modes. But, is MW2 campaign coop?

While many players are drawn to competitive gameplay, others prefer playing together as a team, and that’s where cooperative gameplay comes in.

This article will outline the four different cooperative gameplay options available in Modern Warfare 2, whether the campaign mode supports cooperative play, and the best cooperative gameplay mode to enjoy with a friend.

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Is MW2 Campaign Coop?

Unfortunately, the campaign mode in Modern Warfare 2 does not support cooperative play. The last Call of Duty game to have cooperative campaign play was Black Ops 3, which allowed up to four players to play together.

It’s surprising that cooperative campaign play has not been a feature in recent Call of Duty games since the level design in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode would have lent itself to two players. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that Modern Warfare 2 will get a cooperative campaign mode.

MW2 Coop Mode Options

Modern Warfare 2 has four ways to play cooperative gameplay, and they include:

  1. Split-Screen Multiplayer: This cooperative gameplay option allows two players to play on the same console, where the screen is split in half, and each player controls their character using their controller.
  2. Online Multiplayer: This cooperative gameplay option allows players to play with friends online, where each player controls their character on their device. Players can play the same game mode or work together to achieve different objectives.
  3. Spec Ops: This cooperative gameplay option can be played either locally or online, and it involves two players working together to complete a series of missions. Players must take on AI-controlled bots and juggle multiple objectives while working together.
  4. Raids: This cooperative gameplay option was introduced in Season 1, and it involves four players working together to complete challenging missions and defeat enemies.

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Best Cooperative Gameplay Mode in Modern Warfare 2

If you’re looking to play with a friend via cooperative gameplay, the best option is Spec Ops mode. Two players can join a Spec Ops mission, and it provides an opportunity to work together through several missions while taking on a number of AI-controlled bots and juggling multiple objectives.

This mode can be enjoyed locally or via an online connection.

In conclusion, Modern Warfare 2 offers four cooperative gameplay options, but unfortunately, the campaign mode does not support cooperative play. Spec Ops is the best MW2 coop mode option for players looking to enjoy cooperative gameplay with a friend.

With the right cooperative gameplay mode, players can enjoy working together towards completing missions and objectives while taking on a host of enemies.

MW2 Coop Mode FAQs

Does MW2 have coop?

Yes, MW2 has coop and is in three modes – Spec Ops, Online Multiplayer and Split Screen Multiplayer.

How many players is MW2 coop?

You can have up to three players at one time playing Modern Warfare 2 coop.

Is the campaign coop in MW2?

Unfortunately, the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign does not support cooperative play.

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