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Meta Quest Pro games

Here are all the Meta Quest Pro games you'll need to know about

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 11:49 am
Meta Quest Pro games

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The highly anticipated addition to the high-end line devices of Meta Inc, Meta Quest Pro, is finally in the game, but where are all the Meta Quest Pro games?

With its advanced and innovative features like Natural Facial Expressions to design more natural avatars, crisp and clear visuals with thin pancake optics, and a sleeker design, the Meta Quest Pro is stepping up the game when compared to the Meta Quest 2.

Meta scientists and designers have been working on the project of Meta Verse and are promising a virtual world with Meta Quest Pro. Despite people not being sure if the Meta Quest Pro is good for gaming, it’s still got a significant back catalog of games.

While the sudden creation of virtual shopping opportunities seems surreal, advanced virtual entertainment is a major feature of Meta Quest Pro.

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Meta Quest Pro games: Full list

Virtual gaming and online sports are the main highlights of the technical world. No matter what Mark Zuckerberg sets the goal for the new Meta handset, among the experts, it is an advanced gaming tool much like the PSVR 2.

So, what Meta Quest Pro games can you expect? Below you’ll find a link full list of games you can play on the Meta Quest Pro, including those from the Meta Quest 2 that are known to be backward compatible. Additionally, we’ve written a little about our personal favorites.

Beat Saber

How about music, exercise, and gaming at the same time? Sounds fun, right? That’s what Beat Saber is all about. With the super sleek design of Meta Quest Pro and the self-tracking controls, you can enjoy slicing through incoming blocks to the beat of the music.

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Are you bored of the same surroundings but don’t want to travel? That’s one of the main purposes of VR. It provides an easy escape from the real world for a while. Meta Quest Pro makes the break even more interesting with its full-colored mixed reality, natural visuals, and ergonomic and balanced controls. Get in the world of Supernaturals and keep your spirits high.

The list goes on with more thrilling games, including Resident Evil 4, Puzzling Places, Wander, Vader Immortal, and Medal of Honor. Enjoy the best of the best with the most advanced form of VR.

What is the best game on the Meta Quest Pro?

While not specifically developed for the Meta Quest Pro, our personal favorite Meta Quest Pro game is Beat Saber. The fast-paced rhythm game is a perfect match for VR gaming headsets.

Is the Meta Quest Pro good for gaming?

Yes. The Meta Quest Pro is probably the most capable VR gaming headset out there, despite being focussed on exercise and business uses, at least as far as Meta is concerned.

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