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Apex Legends – What is the Hammerpoint?

Why you should use start using the Apex pistols!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022 3:07 pm
Apex pistols

The new season is here, and among an assortment of changes, including the return of Olympus, the new hop-up the Kinetic Feeder and the new Legend, Mad Maggie. Among all these new changes comes the return of an old favourite Hop-up. The Hammerpoint.

The purple ground-loot item can be attached to the RE45, Mozambique and P2020. Most players might only hold onto these pistols until they find something better, however, this hop-up has made the pistols a viable full-length game option.

So what is the Hammerpoint, if you’ve not used it before?

RE-45 Auto - Apex Legends Wiki Guide - IGN

The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up greatly increases damage to unshielded targets: +50% for the P2020, and +35% for the Mozambique and RE-45.

If damage transitions from shield to flesh, it breaks the shield, and any further damage to health is affected by the Hammerpoint multiplier.

Essentially, if you’ve cracked your enemies, then they’re in all ways doomed if you’ve got a hammerpointed weapon. You can shred through their last defences. If you have a powerful squad who’re easily cracking your opponents, then you can go and finish them with the Hammer Point.

If you’ve not tried it yet, now’s the time to grab yourself a (our recommendation) RE45 and get it decked out with the Hammerpoint Rounds. Further more, pistols have a shorter reload time, so being able to use it with this damage-boost might save you in a sticky situation.

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