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TV or monitor for PS5 – which is best for console gaming in 2024?

A closer look at the differences between TVs and monitors when playing the PS5

Updated: Feb 13, 2024 5:10 pm
TV or monitor for PS5 – which is best for console gaming in 2024?

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The PS5 is, by many parameters, the best gaming console ever made, but should you use a TV or monitor for PS5? It really is the pinnacle of technology as far as consoles go, though the Xbox Series X is also top-notch. But, we all know that a console is only as good as the display we pair it with. We’ve already gotten to the bottom of monitor vs TV for gaming, but let’s take a look at how this specifically applies for gaming on your PlayStation 5.

We can talk you through everything you need to know when deciding on either a gaming TV or gaming monitor for your PS5. So, let’s see what’s better for enjoying PS5 in its full might: a TV or a monitor.

Monitors vs TV for playing PS5 – which should you choose?

Obviously, TVs are much larger than monitors, and thus the PS5 action feels much more captivating and immersive on a big screen. Imagine playing a game like God of War, EA Sports FC, or The Last of Us on a massive TV, with the characters and environments filling your entire viewing field. The sense of immersion is simply unmatched when compared to a smaller monitor. Especially when there are two or more people, it’s considerably more fun to play on a big screen.

You also have to consider the fact that console gaming is generally made to suit TVs better. PS5, like the majority of other consoles, is designed to be played on a TV in the living room, and the gaming experience is optimized for that environment. Many games will have features like split-screen multiplayer or dynamic camera angles that are tailored to the larger screen size of a TV, which can go up to 85 inches and above. And while monitors commonly offer gaming features like FreeSync or G-Sync to eliminate screen tearing, modern gaming TVs have caught up to this with to the same compatibility of their own.

What TV or monitor do you need to play on PS5?

Head on over to our best TV for PS5 guide and you’ll see that it’s packed full of HDMI 2.1 televisions. This is because this connection type is what unlocks the maximum potential of the PS5 for 4K at 120Hz gameplay. The same goes for monitors – you’ll want a 4K monitor that supports the 2.1 standard to make full use of the console’s capabilities. Although your frame rate may not achieve the same level in demanding games, having a higher refresh rate is always recommend – VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) tech can always kick in to ensure a stutter-free and smooth experience by locking your refresh rate to your in-game FPS.

Another important gaming spec is the response time, and we’d recommend anything that is 1ms or lower for gaming. These days, OLED TVs (and indeed OLED monitors) are widely popular for gaming thanks to their response times that usually hit 0.1ms or even lower – mega responsive to banish away any annoying motion blur or similar effects. LG’s OLED panels are particularly popular, but both Samsung and Sony offer up this technology as well these days.

Benefits of using a monitor for PS5

Granted, it’s worth noting that monitors aren’t bad at all for PS5 gaming, it’s just that a TV is way better oriented for it, especially a good one. It’s all due to the larger screen, brighter colors, and the biggest factor, immersion. Monitors are great for PC gaming or office work, but when it comes to console gaming, a TV is a way to go. A good TV with high resolution, a nice refresh rate, and HDR support will provide you with a gaming experience that’s pretty hard to match with a monitor.

If you’re looking for something to set up both your PC and PS5 to, see our best gaming monitor for PS5 page for the best of both worlds. There are a bunch of large gaming monitors these days that act as sort of a hybrid option if you’re interested as well – especially with brands like Samsung offering smart TV features in their latest high-end Odyssey gaming monitors. Monitors also usually offer a wider range of connectivity options (such as USB hubs or DisplayPort) for plugging in multiple devices at once, so you may not need multiple setups.

Final word

In conclusion, while a monitor is a perfectly fine option for PS5 gaming, it’s hard to beat the immersive experience of playing on a big-screen TV. The larger screen size, optimized console gaming experience, and heightened immersion all make a TV the clear winner for PS5 gaming. That being said, you can still pick up some gaming monitors which rival the size of some smaller TVs.

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