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Intel demos AI accelerated 16 core 22 thread Meteor Lake CPU

Meteor Lake is taking full advantage of AI

Updated: May 30, 2023 11:56 am
Intel demos AI accelerated 16 core 22 thread Meteor Lake CPU

Computex is taking place in Taipei right now, and that means a whole host of tech news and reveals. This time from Intel, who have shown off one of their upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs for mobile platforms, i.e laptops. An AI-accelerated 16 core / 22 thread Meteor Lake CPU no less. Generally speaking, it’s unusual to see their mobile line-up arrive before the more powerful desktop counterparts, but this demo points towards the 14th gen heading in that direction.

One of biggest reveals here is the use of AI acceleration from a VPU for enhanced performance on the Meteor Lake line-up. Intel have said that AI is overwhelming for CPUs, especially for weaker mobile platforms – which is why VPU tech is being integrated into Meteor Lake.

With doubts about the Meteor Lake-S desktop CPUs being cast, we look forward to see what the mobile platform will provide instead, which is slated for release by the end of the year.

Meteor Lake CPU demo & VPU die

As revealed at Computex, this latest generation is taking on board VPU (Vision Processing Unit) tech, which makes up one of the dies on a Meteor Lake CPU chip. VPU is a type of AI accelerator which is designed to improve ‘machine vision’ performance. In other words, better AI generation performance from your Meteor Lake processor.

The exact Meteor Lake CPU being shown off is unknown, simply listed as Intel 0000 for this demo. However, it shows a base speed of 3.1GHz, 16 cores, and 22 threads. Wccftech, who had a sneak peek with a laptop featuring the new CPU, say that it uses a 6+8+2 config for the cores, Performance and Efficient cores included alongside an SoC. The demo also reveals 1.6MB L1 cache, 18MB L2 cache, and 24MB L3 cache for the CPU.

Intel have seen the potential of VPU technology, especially since their acquisition of Movidius in 2016. The on board VPU will take advantage of 3rd gen tech from Movidius. This AI core is designed to be low power, all the while including features such as real-time video editing and filtering. Examples of this include effects such as blur, background swaps, and eye contact editing.

Intel Meteor Lake VPU demo

If you want to learn more about the details of the VPU demo from Intel’s Meteor Lake, you can check out the video below. This shows off image generation technology that is possible with the latest mobile CPUs from Intel.

Support for Stable Diffusion is a must, and the VPU die can help accelerate the process. It would be a much slower process without this AI accelerator tech in place.

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