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Should I Build My Own PC?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022 3:31 pm
Should I Build My Own PC?

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If you have ever considered joining the PC master race there is one question that will always arise – Should I build my own PC or buy a prebuilt one? Of course, here at WePC, we always try to encourage you to buy the components and learn the building process but you may wonder why?

You are dealing with expensive components and if you are a first time builder, the whole process can have you stressed out. We aren’t trying to put you off here but the positive news is, there are loads more reasons to build your own PC than you may have thought. It’s an incredibly rewarding process that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over your life, so well worth considering.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at why you should be building your own PC.

Building Your Own PC Is Cost-Effective


Building your own PC is first and foremost a more affordable option. Prebuilt computers come with additional building costs, meaning the already built system could be more powerful if you were to select and build it yourself.

Building your own PC also lets you spec out your new system however you choose. If you were someone who just wanted to casually browse the web, go through emails, do the odd bit of work, or even a small amount of entry-level gaming, you can build a basic PC from around $300 to $400.

While gamers can build a new PC for $300 to $400, this is considered entry-level and you may want a dedicated graphics card to tackle more FPS intensive gaming titles. For a PC that offers more than the basics, you can build a decent rig for between $600 and $800 with some impressive end results. Mid-range PCs around the $700 mark can handle games in 1080p at max settings, with performance on higher resolutions like 1440p and VR titles!

The limits aren’t endless but you can build your own PC to whatever budget you have set for yourself and if money is no object then going for the best PC builds out there can’t hurt. At $1500 to $2000, you are looking at a PC that can handle all games and many in 4K resolutions and high refresh rate monitors that are 27” and above in size.

Regardless of budget, when we compare building your own PC to buying a ready-made system, there are always savings to be had.

Fine Tune Your Hardware And Make Upgrading Easier


The best part about building your own computer is having a say over every detail in the specifications. That bit of money you save when you build your own PC can be put to use elsewhere, maybe on a better graphics card or more storage.

After building your own PC, you’ll know exactly where each component goes and how it is installed. This extra knowledge you now have will assist you when it comes to upgrading, with little need to send it off anywhere. Replacing parts is a simple process and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Learn A New Skill


Taking the plunge and learning the whole building process can be very beneficial. PC building isn’t a common skill but it is one that can yield great rewards (like the ones above), saving you money that can be better spent elsewhere.

You’ve probably heard the phrase computers are the future right? Well, you are part of that future, and learning how a PC is made is far from obsolete at this point in time! PCs are something many of us interact with daily, so learning to build your own PC is a skill worth having.

As you develop your PC building skills, you will also be able to fix the machine too. That’s right, you will eventually become the tech support you would inevitably have to ring at the first instance of trouble. If you can build a PC you can certainly maintain one too, so no more waiting on hold for hours, no more going down to a local tech guru to take a quick look over your system, you are now the first port of call.

Build My Own PC Vs. Prebuilt PC

The article so far has pretty much all pointed towards building your own PC but you still may ask; Should I build my own PC if I haven’t a clue what I’m doing? Yes, you should and while it can seem daunting, this whole process brings about a lot of responsibility onto your shoulders, after all, you don’t want to break anything. You needn’t worry though, with proper research and a whole load of building guides available, there has never been a better time to learn.

In any case, we understand that despite our choice words you may still want to go for a prebuilt and that is ok too. You are now aware of the extra cost that comes with a prebuilt system and many companies ship these computers with operating systems installed and fully tested. All sounds good, right? Yes and no, these prebuilts aren’t a terrible deal and you will still get some great gaming out of them, it is just that you are overpaying for what you get. So, with this in mind, if you do decide to get a prebuilt, do your research and look into learning how to upgrade your system and take it from there.

Prebuilts, just like your PC builds, are sold to cater to different budgets. You get entry-level gaming prebuilt computers for as little as $500 but these often just feature integrated graphics. At $800 for a prebuilt PC, you can be sure to get a half-decent system but there will still be plenty of compromises to worry about for specific individual’s needs. Prebuilt PCs at $1000 and over are going to be excellent for gaming but bear in mind the markup on these systems could have given you much more performance.

Final Word

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Should I build my own PC? Well duh! Money aside for a second, building your own PC gives you complete control over your entire system and its customization. The whole process is very rewarding and if you are serious about gaming, building your own PC is a great step to take.

Building a computer can be fun and once you get to grips with the ins and outs, you are likely to enjoy the whole process (after all you did just spend hundreds on those components).

Take the stress out of your experience and follow our easy step-by-step guide on how to build a PC. Furthermore, if choosing the components for your system feels a little bit too difficult then don’t worry, we have several PC builds that cater to a variety of budgets!

Shaun, with a computer science degree and 15 years of computer experience, has been passionate about competitive FPS gaming since the mid-2000s.

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