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How to change PSVR 2 viewing modes?

Stuck in a certain mode? Here's how to escape!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023 1:22 pm
How to change PSVR 2 viewing modes?

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As the PSVR 2 release date rapidly approaches, we’re in somewhat of a VR tizz, attempting to answer all the questions we can about Sony’s upcoming virtual reality behemoth, including how to change PSVR 2 viewing modes.

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For now, though let’s answer the question of the day: How to change PSVR 2 viewing modes?

How to change PSVR 2 viewing modes? Cinematic mode details

There are two viewing modes you can use on the PSVR 2. Regular VR mode, and the so-called cinematic mode.

Cinematic mode is the same sort of thing as it was for the original PSVR. This means that you are given a huge black void, with a virtual screen floating in the middle, essentially giving you your own virtual cinema.

If you want to change between cinematic mode and normal mode, it’ll depend on what content you’re viewing. Being so content-specific means that it’ll generally change by itself.

However, if you want to manually change it, you can do so by accessing the PSVR 2 quick menu, which can be done with a quick tap of the PS button on either of the PSVR 2 Sense controllers.

Additionally, if you want to switch to see-through mode to avoid errant familiars members or other such inconveniences, you can do so by tapping the dedicated see-through mode button on the underside of the scope.


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