How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch

We show you how to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch

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Amazon Prime and Twitch need little introduction but did you know you can link the two together? That’s right when you link Amazon Prime to Twitch it essentially entitles you to a free Twitch prime account.

Twitch Prime is essentially the platform’s premium viewing service, including free games, downloadable content, one complimentary channel subscription of your choosing, access to special emotes, and a unique chat badge to show off to the plebs. To assist you and make sure you at least get a freebie out of having an Amazon Prime account, we are going to show you how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch.

What Is Twitch Prime?

Twitch, as you probably know, is one of the most popular streaming sites out there, with a large following for gaming content. Where does Amazon Prime enter the fray? Well, beyond free shipping and Tv shows, linking this account to Twticth can bring about a plethora of extra benefits to your viewing experience.

This may only be an attractive feature if you already pay for Amazon Prime but rather than viewing your favorite streamers for free, you can take advantage of subscribing to one channel for no extra cost. This not only supports your streamer inc creating content but it will bring you extra features when viewing, such as emotes or channel giveaways.

You can also get in-game loot for specific titles like PUBG or Fortnite, giving your character a unique look compared to eh masses.



How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch

Lets take a look at how to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch.


Navigate to “” and sign in to your Amazon Prime account.


Click “Activate Twitch Prime


You will be greeted with the accounts that are going to be linked. Click “Confirm

Youn will then be taken to your new Twitch Prime page, from here you can now start reaping the rewards and claiming your free Twitch Prime benefits.


If you’ve been paying for Amazon Prime and are an avid Twitch viewer that hasn’t been taking full advantage of Primes services, then you’ve been missing out. Now you know how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch, there is no stopping you and you can start slapping those custom emotes around in your favorite subbed channel.