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Will the LG C2 drop in price?

Be a savvy shopper and make the most of price drops for the LG C2

Updated: Jan 26, 2023 2:38 pm
Will the LG C2 drop in price?

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Deals for the LG C2 continue to populate some of the industry’s biggest retailers – including Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

If you’re wondering whether we’ll see the LG C2 drop in price then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll let you know where sales might happen and what we expect around the forthcoming release of the LG C3.

We’ve already seen the price of LG C2s drop this January but the real question is whether they’ll drop further with the release date of the new LG C3.

The top announcements from CES 2023 were full of news from LG. As we eagerly await the release date of the wireless LG M3 OLED TV and that of the new LG C3.

Despite all this, you might be wondering whether the LG C2 is still worth it. Well if that’s the case, LG C2 price drops in the near future might sway you.

Will the LG C2 be on sale in January?

The LG C2 has already been slashed in price to its lowest in months since the announcement of the LG C3.

It’s uncertain how long this deal will last, however, especially when January almost coming to a close.

That said, Super Bowl is just around the corner and we’ll likely see big deals on similar OLED TVs continue into February.

When will the LG C2 drop in price?

It’s unsure when the LG C3 OLED TV will actually launch, so predicting when the C2 will drop in price is a little tricky.

That being said, we’re already seeing deals on the LG C2 hit various retailers – with brands likely trying to move stock in anticipation for the launch of the next-gen model.

Will the LG C2 be on sale for the Super Bowl?

This year’s Super Bowl is just around the corner and many retailers are starting to push Super Bowl-related deals.

It’s hard to say whether the LG C2 OLED TV will be on sale this year, however, I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t – especially with the imminent launch of the LG C3 just around the corner.

Best Buy is currently running January TV deals that sees the LG C2 reduced by around $400 – making it a very attractive prospect right now.

Price drop for LG C2

Having announced the LG C3 at CES 2023 prices have dropped on the LG C2. Currently, the 55-inch variant is available for just $1,296 at Amazon. These reductions however are not particularly out of step with what we’d normally expect from January sales.

The best time for price drops on the LG C2 will likely come around the time of the release of the LG C3. With everyone scrambling to get their hands on the newest model, retailers will probably drop their prices on the C2 to try and shift their stock. We saw a similar reaction to this with the LG C1 when the C2 was launched last year.

So the question remains, when will the LG C3 be released? Well LG hasn’t let that slip just yet but based on the fact that the LG C2 was announced at CES last year, in a similar manner to the announcement of the C3 this year, we’re expecting a similar time of release too. The LG C2 was released in April 2022 so we’re looking at April 2023 for the C3.

Does the LG C2 price drop make it worth buying?

There’s no doubt that you’re receiving a ton of great value for money with the LG C2, especially when price drops are on the menu. So, we would say that any LG C2 price drop that we (or you) can find should definitely catch your interest. As we work our way closer to the release of the LG C3, expect more and more discounts to show up across online retailers and storefronts.

If you scroll back up to the top of this article and take a quick glance at our LG C2 rating – you’ll see all of the specs and features that make this popular OLED TV well worth buying.

Can I find the LG C2 in stock during a sale?

Even though we’ve been seeing a nice price drop in LG C2 TVs with retailers like Amazon, that does come with a warning of waning stock levels. Depending on the screen size you go for, you’ll notice that stock is definitely going to be fluctuating as time goes on. So, we’d suggest checking out the LG C2 price drops while stock lasts. You can definitely find the LG C2 in stock if you’re determined enough.

Amazon will be doing the best they can to ensure there’s enough stock to go around – especially with the Super Bowl being a great opportunity to pick out some happy customers. The popular 65″ model is bound to be hotly contested.

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