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Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 scratch proof?

Is the S23 scratchproof or scratch resistant? All the info you need to know.

Updated: Apr 18, 2023 1:34 pm
Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 scratch proof?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 scratch proof? This is a sensible question to ask as this is a smartphone that costs a lot of money. Samsung is known for creating outstanding displays; the company uses its latest and greatest on the flagship S series devices, the Super AMOLED display. 

The Super AMOLED displays are great, but this is neither here nor there: being AMOLED doesn’t make a smartphone screen scratch-resistant or impact resistant. Anyone who has ever cracked a smartphone display would know how easy it is.

In short, Samsung Galaxy S23 is not scratchproof because there aren’t any scratchproof smartphone displays, only scratch resistant to a certain degree. This is where Gorilla Glass enters.

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What are Gorilla Glass screens?

Gorilla Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate strengthened glass. It is scratch-resistant and impact resistant, which means the smartphone display is protected against accidental scratches.

When it came to the durability factor, the preceding Samsung Galaxy S22 displays came with the Gorilla Glass Victus Plus glass panels. Samsung made some bold claims regarding the durability of these displays, which were somewhat exaggerated.

The devices were protected against regular drops. After the S22 released, YouTuber PBKreviews tested the durability of the smartphone. At a drop from waist height on wooden floors the device came out unscathed. On pavement, when the metallic frame took the hit it got minor dents and scratches, however, the results were different when the Gorilla Glass Victus Plus side took the hit. The front and back glass panels got cracks from the drop, and the back glass even shattered. The phone did keep working with the cracked display without hitch, but you’d hardly call such a display durable, never mind scratchproof.

Does the Galaxy S23 have Gorilla Glass screens?

The Galaxy S23 does indeed have a Gorilla Glass screen. Specifically it uses Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for the main display, and also for the back cover. This is an upgrade from the Gorilla Glass Victus+ used for the Galaxy S22 series.

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Is the S23 scratch proof? Final Word

We hope this has helped to shed some light for you on the question: is the Samsung Galaxy S23 scratch proof? Stick to WePC for all the latest on the Samsung Galaxy series.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 scratch proof? FAQs

Is S23 screen durable?

The Galaxy S23 screen is indeed durable, coming equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass screen.

Is the S23 camera lens scratch proof?

The S23 camera lens is not scratch proof, so you’ll want to consider buying a protector for it.

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