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Sons Of The Forest hits 270K players on Steam charts at release

A new blockbuster hit on the Steam charts

Updated: Feb 24, 2023 9:40 am
Sons Of The Forest hits 270K players on Steam charts at release

The release of Sons Of The Forest has been a highly anticipated one, so it’s perhaps not a surprise to many people that it’s hit a peak of nearly 270K players on Steam charts during it’s release. At the time of writing, this peak sits at 269,563 players, which is an impressive feat, no doubt.

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The brand-new survival title, which is the sequel to the popular The Forest, saw a massive amount of Steam users placing it on their wishlist. This was a great indicator for just how big of a launch to expect. Now that it’s released to PC players in Early Access, we can see just how well it’s doing.

Sons Of The Forest 270K Steam charts peak

So, we’re sure that the developers will be happy that their hard work is paying off so far as Sons Of The Forest hits a peak of just under 270K on release day. Of course these numbers will fluctuate depending on the time of day, but we can expect this number to grow higher during peak times following good reviews for the game.

Sons Of The Forest is now among one of the most played games on Steam right now, with the 24-hour peak just falling behind that of Hogwarts Legacy. It will be exciting to see how this develops over the coming days and weeks.

sons of the forest steamdb info
A current look at how well Sons Of The Forest is performing on Steam (image source: SteamDB)

Sons Of The Forest Steam wishlist

Another thing to point out is the number of users that wishlisted Sons Of The Forest on Steam, prior to it’s release. Reports show that Sons Of The Forest overtook the highly-anticipated Bethesda epic Starfield. Sons Of The Forest broke past the 190K milestone, leaving Starfield behind it with just over 183K.

Now that Sons Of The Forest has been released, Starfield has regained the title as the most wishlisted upcoming Steam game. Starfield is currently sitting at 184,748 followers at the moment we write this.

Sons Of The Forest Steam user reviews

With many games these days receiving rocky launches with bugs and performance issues, it’s nice to see that Sons Of The Forest has been received well on Steam. The user reviews have been positive so far. Sons Of The Forest currently sits at a Very Positive rating on Steam, which equates to 86.81% positive reviews.

We can only expect the rating the grow higher as the game improves through Early Access, or at least we hope so. We have lots of trust that Endnight Games can deliver a great sequel to The Forest.

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