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Xbox One Wireless Headset: A Buyer’s Guide

Updated: Nov 16, 2022 12:55 pm
Xbox One Wireless Headset: A Buyer’s Guide

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Are you an Xbox One fan? Do you find yourself playing all your favorite games for hours on end? If you do, then we’re certain you’re aware of how important it is to get yourself a good headset for all your gaming endeavors.

A good headset goes a long way to give you that extra bit of immersion that using speakers can never quite achieve. You’re able to hear the faintest rustle of leaves and pinpoint where exactly the enemy is in FPS games. You can also enjoy yourself to the fullest when listening to the game soundtrack. 

Xbox One has a lot of games that greatly benefit from the use of a headset. And as far as headsets go, it’s difficult to aim for something more comfortable than a wireless option. But which one to pick? What to look out for?

In this extensive buying guide, we’ll cover all of the best gaming headsets for Xbox One, and we’ll do our best to help you pick one!

Why Buy An Xbox One Wireless Headset?

There are plenty of reasons why we think that a wireless headset is a worthwhile investment. The first question might be, why buy a headset at all? You can, of course, play games on your Xbox without a headset, only relying on the speakers which are built-in to your TV. But is that ideal? 

Short answer: no. You may be used to it, but most people notice a drastic difference when switching from speakers to a headset — and it’s always a positive change. Having a headset truly lets you take advantage of some of the best parts of the game.

First and foremost, nothing will go amiss. You can hear each and every footstep, whisper, or rustle of leaves. You can also enjoy the soundtrack to the fullest without missing out on proper audio quality, which you never truly get with speakers — at least not without investing hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars into standalone options.

Secondly, headsets let you take your gaming to the next level. As they come with a microphone, you’re able to talk to your teammates and improve your whole experience. Not to mention the fun you’ll have simply hanging out with friends as you smash through one game after another.

Now, the second question is “why wireless”. That one is relatively easy to answer. Wireless headsets have a few benefits that make them rank higher for some people than their wired counterparts, the chief of them relying on comfort.

If you’ve ever used a wired headset, you’re certainly aware of the restrictions that follow and hold you in place. By going wireless, you’re allowing yourself full enjoyment of the game without any annoyances spoiling it.

Where Can You Buy An Xbox Wireless Headset?

Wireless headsets come in all shapes and sizes, and as such, they also can be found in a lot of different places.

You can find a selection of headsets in most regular shops. You can also buy them directly from their manufacturers, but in that case, you’d need to have decided on a brand beforehand.

It won’t surprise you to hear that Amazon just might be the best place to shop for a new headset. You’ll find a lot of options, all of which will be easy to access. Amazon also tends to offer slightly better prices than brick and mortar stores. 

The one downside that Amazon presents is simple: the selection is almost too wide. How do you really decide if every option seems appealing? Simple — read on to see the ones we’ve picked as the best of the best.

Which Xbox One Wireless Headset Is Best For You?

There are many headsets that fulfill the needs of Xbox One gamers, both competitive and casual players alike. 

The brands may vary and while most of them deliver in terms of quality, not every brand is going to fulfill your unique needs. Some of the flagship names you may see when shopping are Steelseries, Razer, Logitech, Creative, Turtle Beach, or Corsair. 

When choosing a headset, you will have to consider things such as the comfort of wear, battery life, audio and microphone quality, and of course, budget. There are plenty of headsets that tick all of those boxes and excel in every category, and those are the ones we’re going to talk about today.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

It’s impossible to make a list of gaming headsets without including Turtle Beach. They are the pioneers of console gaming headsets; they started out in 2005 and since then keep releasing new & improved options. One of their most recognized products is the Stealth 600 headset.

This is a headset that has been picked up by countless people and still manages to garner stellar reviews. We believe that when it comes to wireless options for Xbox One, this model is very difficult to beat.

Aside from Xbox one and Xbox Series X, it also offers support for Windows 10 PCs, so if you’re a multi-platform gamer, you’re in luck. Keep in mind that it may require an adapter to connect to your PC, so check that beforehand.

Turtle Beach always takes care to offer the utmost comfort, even to those of us that wear glasses. If you wear glasses regularly, you’ve probably run into the issue of some gaming headsets being uncomfortable to wear. That is not the case here. The ear cushions are wrapped in breathable mesh fabric, and the headphone design has been altered to accommodate glasses users.

The battery life here is impressive, measuring at around 15 hours of gaming time per charge. For even the most hardcore gamers, this means that these headphones will last you the whole day without calling for a charge.

Last but not least, both the audio and microphone quality is great. If you’re an audiophile, you won’t find yourself disappointed here thanks to the stereo surround sound and amazing bass.

Whether you’re hunting for your next gaming headset or you want something multi-purpose, we think that this Turtle Beach option might just be it for you.

SteelSeries Arctis 9X 

If Turtle Beach is recognized for its headsets, SteelSeries is recognized for all of its gaming gear. Mice, headsets, keyboards, and other peripherals are all readily available and always tailored to gamers.

The Arctis series is among the brand’s most recognized product lines and it has brought us a whole lot of good headset options. One of the latest is the Arctis 9X wireless gaming headset.

Like Turtle Beach, this headset offers more than just Xbox compatibility and it can be used on PCs and mobile devices via the use of Bluetooth. It’s possible to simultaneously connect to both Bluetooth and your Xbox, letting you switch between music, taking calls, and listening to the game.

It comes with integrated Xbox wireless that allows you to directly connect straight to your Xbox, much the way a wireless controller would. You don’t need a cable or a dongle — just connect and play.

The microphone is perhaps one of the most impressive parts here, as it uses the same technology that is used by aircraft carrier deck crews: bidirectional design. It guarantees superb noise cancellation. No more annoying static — nothing but the sound of your voice will be heard by your teammates.

While the microphone is on a whole another level, the audio quality is nothing to turn your nose up at either. It emphasizes subtle sounds such as the sound of someone sneaking up on you in your favorite game without sacrificing louder noises and the quality of bass.

Lastly, the battery has a truly mind-blowing endurance, offering up to 20+ hours of battery life. You can game for as long as you want without having to wait for a charge.

If you’re a fan of SteelSeries, you certainly won’t be disappointed. And if this is your first experience with the brand, we know for a fact that you’ll be coming back. This is a very solid product that excels in multiple ways.

Razer Thresher Ultimate

Razer is yet another brand that needs no introduction. Much like SteelSeries, they’ve made a name for themselves by catering to gamers. Peripherals aside, they also make some of the best gaming laptops on the market. How do they do in terms of headsets? Based on this headset, we’re inclined to say very high. 

This is a premium-quality headset that also comes with a stylish stand to place on your desk or table. This makes the headset more of a point of pride that serves as part of your gaming equipment. 

The way it looks does not diverge from the typical Razer product: the mix of bright green and black speaks for itself. However, by getting this headset, you get a lot more than just the famous branding.

Lag-free wireless promises no interference and top-notch surround sound that blocks out all outside noises. This is due to the large noise leatherette ear cushions that encompass your ears and keep your head fully in the game.

With 50mm drivers and an audio frequency of 12 Hz-28kHz and a microphone of 100 Hz-10 kHz, you can rest assured that the audio here is supreme and tailored to the unique needs of gamers. 

Razer’s headphones are always easily adjusted, with separate buttons for the volume and the mic on/off. This particular model also sports a very good battery life of up to 16-hours of uninterrupted gaming.

For a high-end pick, going with Razer is never a bad decision.

ASTRO Gaming A50 

This versatile premium-quality headset closes our list of the best Xbox One wireless headsets, but it’s in no way worse than its competitors.

ASTRO delivers in terms of design, quality, and durability. The headset also comes with a highly stylish base station that is coated in a mix of black and gold — just like the headset itself. This truly stands out among the color schemes most of us have gotten used to and makes for a very elegant alternative.

You get three audio enhancers here: Astro Audio V2, which is an immersive sound experience for every gamer; Dolby Audio, responsible for the cinematic, high-resolution audio; and lastly, Dolby Atmos (only available on Xbox) — a technology that provides object audio, which guarantees an accurate and engaging sound experience.

Another cool addition to the audio arsenal is the game/ voice balance. This allows you to be in full control of the mix of game and chat audio. This is especially helpful in games that have a lot of loud sections that may otherwise block out the conversation with your teammates.

ASTRO can be used both with a PC and an Xbox One; a functionality that many gamers appreciate. When using the PC, the USB sound card aids the balance of game vs voice audio. You also won’t be needing any optical cables.

These headphones are large and come with a non-retractable microphone. As such, they’re more of a gamer’s pick than one for a general user. If you want to game on for up to 15+ uninterrupted hours, check these out.

Check out our full review of the Astro Gaming A50 here.

Which Brand Is The Best?

You may have looked through our recommendations, but making a decision should always be preceded by feeling fully informed. The question that may still come to mind is simple: all of these headsets sound great, so which brand am I going to be happy with?

Among the brands we have listed, there is no clear “winner”. They’re all leaders in their market, with years of experience in making top-notch gaming gear.

What Makes Them Different?

  • Branding — While many gaming headsets have a similar design, each brand puts its own touch into the products. This means that if you already have some gaming gear, you might want to stick to one brand for consistency
  •  Versatility — All of these headsets can also work as headphones for you to listen to music in. However, if your aim is less gaming and you plan to use the headphones for many different things, research the brand first. As an example, Bose is a brand known to cater to audiophiles
  • Extra features — Some brands offer more than just a clear-cut headset. For example, some Turtle Beach headsets have a fun feature: they let you test your own mic in your headphones, making sure you don’t end up accidentally shouting at your teammates

Budget Vs. High-End

Another question that people often ask themselves is: how much to invest in your new headset? What are the differences between budget and premium options, and is it worth it to spend more?

In general, you do get better sound quality in high-end headsets. Some other factors for you to consider include comfort and extra functions that the headset may have. When it comes to wireless headsets, another factor comes into play: battery life.

If you’re after more budget options, Turtle Beach tends to have a fantastic cost-to-performance ratio. On the other hand, some high-end models from Razer or Steelseries have an audio quality that’s difficult — but not impossible — to match.

What Are The Benefits Of Going High-End?

  • Clearer audio – High-end models tend to produce clearer, more immersive audio. While budget headphones can still sound great and are usually a step-up from headsets that were a few years old, there’s a massive difference in sound quality. The sound produced by high-end headphones is less muddy, with deep bass and a large emphasis on each individual sound.
  • Battery life – Oftentimes, in wireless headsets, premium models will have longer battery life. While the usual 15-17 hours is more than enough for most gamers, this can be nice on long gaming sessions or even just to not be forced to charge them every day.
  • Build quality – As high-end models have a larger budget, you will often find them to be made from a sturdier material that can last for a long time. Low-end budget options are easier to break, and as such, may need to be replaced more often.
  • Comfort – This isn’t necessarily universal. Some mid-range models, such as Turtle Beach, put a lot of emphasis on comfort — especially for those of us that wear glasses. However, this point kind of ties in with the one above — better materials often mean less discomfort during long sessions.

The answer to the budget vs. high-end question is simply that a headset is an investment. While some of us find ourselves having to buy a new headset much too often, this is not supposed to be the norm. Take your time to pick out something that is likely to serve you well for years.

Our Verdict

A good headset will go a long way to improve your Xbox One experience. The market is flooded with all sorts of different options, but as a rule, it’s always good to go with a reputable brand that you can trust. The ones we listed in this article are some of the most beloved headset options for Xbox One.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope that we’ve helped you pick out your brand new wireless headset!

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