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Best PSVR 2 carry case: Hard and soft shell picks for 2023

Feeling protective? Here's the best PSVR 2 carry case right now!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023 11:35 am
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With the release of Sony’s new VR headset behind us, people are now starting to look for the best PSVR 2 carry case. This makes sense as we noted in our full PSVR 2 review that, despite scoring well, the construction of the headset does feel more fragile than most other VR headsets.

Additionally, the PSVR 2 does not come with a case, and most people won’t keep the box around for transporting the thing as it’s very bulky. Additionally, we have a sneaking suspicion that the high price means that the rare person in a friend group who did spring for it, will be taking all over the place to show off to the rest of the group.


Sony PSVR 2

4 embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking IR camera for eye tracking per eye
Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer) Attachment Sensor: IR Proximity sensor
Display resolution
2000 x 2040 per eye OLED panels
FOV (field of view)
Approx. 110 degrees
Refresh rate
90Hz, 120Hz

So, we thought we’d wade through the garbage on amazon and find the very best PSVR 2 carry case we can, so you can keep your PSVR 2 safe in transit. And if we see any of your guys just tossing it into a backpack, oooohhh boy, you’re in for a world of pain. Anyway. here’s the best PSVR 2 carry case, and some runners up too.

Why you should consider a carry case for the PSVR 2

Well, we’ve already mentioned that the PSVR 2 is noticeably more fragile than other VR headsets. Additionally, the price makes it a pretty significant investment, and investments should be protected.

Having a carry case also frees you up to get rid of the product packaging. This means that whether you’re moving house, or just taking the PSVR 2 to a friend’s house the process is easier and there’s far less chance of damaging your precious VR experience.

There’s also the additional benefit of having somewhere to leave the PSVR 2. Simply leaving it lying on a coffee table or TV stand makes everything look a bit untidy. having the case around allows you to group it all together a bit more neatly. Unless of course you’ve invested in the PSVR 2 controller charging stand.

What to look for in a PSVR 2 carry case

Aside from the bare minimum of being more protective than a bin bag, you should look for the PSVR 2 carry cases that come with some spicy additionals. Our recommendations come with cable ties at the very least, though some of them come with cleaning cloths and lens covers too.

Some of them also come with small cargo net things, which allows you to store more stuff, which is worth considering too as keeping a spare USB Type-C cable handy is probably a good idea, for example.

Best PSVR 2 carry case – MES Merry PSVR 2 Carry Case

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MES MERRY PSVR 2 carry case

Shell type
3x cable ties

We like the MES Merry for a few reasons, not least that the interior has specific indentations that correspond with the shape of the PSVR 2 headset and its controllers. Strapping things in works well enough, but having bespoke compartments truly immobilizes the PSVR 2.

Second-best PSVR 2 carry case – YUANHOT PSVR 2 carry case

YUANHOT PSVR 2 Carry case

YUANHOT PSVR 2 Carry case

Shell type
Strap, 4x cable ties, lens protector

This one doesn’t quite have the custom moldings of the MES Merry, but we prefer the design, and it comes with a pair of lens cover to protect those 4K foveated rendering displays. It also comes with a few cable ties to tidy and stow all the accessories away.

Worth considering: HuiJuKeJi PSVR 2 carry case

HuiJuKeJi PSVR 2 carry case

HuiJuKeJi PSVR 2 carry case

Shell type
Lanyard, 2x cable ties, lens cleaning cloth

We decided to throw this one in too. Partly because the brand name makes us giggle, and partly because the is fully waterproof. This isn’t really necessary, but it’s nice to have. other than this it’s a solid all-rounder and even comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning the PSVR 2’s lenses.

More PSVR 2 stuff

By this point, you might have gotten the feeling that you’ve read too much about PSVR 2 carry cases. So, if you’re on the hunt for more PSVR 2 content, check out our pages below!

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