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RTX 5060 release date window prediction: news, specs, and rumors

As the current Ada series might not excite you, the RTX 5060 release date might do

Updated: Mar 11, 2024 3:47 pm
RTX 5060 release date window prediction: news, specs, and rumors

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With the selection of cards currently available not up to snuff, you might consider what’s next and upcoming, so we look at the RTX 5060 release date and all the info we have on it so far. Part of the Blackwell generation, it might just offer some great value on the lower end that this one might not.

We can expect to see the Nvidia RTX 50 series cards improve upon the performance and experience of the previous generation as usual. But it might be some time yet before they come to fruition, especially on the lower-end front. As we’ve seen with our RTX 4060 review, the bottom end might not be a priority to satisfy gamers as it’s been a bit behind. But that might change in the next-gen launch. So let’s see if it can beat the RTX 4060 as we look at the RTX 5060 rumors.

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RTX 5060 release date window prediction

For the next generation of cards, we can look back at what the previous offerings were like. The 50 series options are likely still a bit away, especially as the 40 series still brings improvements and releases with the likes of the RTX 4070 Super. So we see the 60 models’ release dates to get a good indication:

  • RTX 4060 – 29th June 2023
  • RTX 3060 – 25th February 2021
  • RTX 2060 – 15th January 2019

From the previous 60 releases, we can see the GPUs have been released a few months behind the initial generation. With a first two-month window in the following year. Although the RTX 4060 release date was scheduled for July it finally came in June. So if it continues like that for the 50 series, we can expect to see the RTX 5060 come in the first half of 2025. Initially, the Blackwell GPUs are rumored to be launched in Q4 2024 or at the latest in January for CES 2025.

Nvidia RTX 5060 price estimate

Doing the same look back at the pricing of the previous 60 model lineup, we can get an idea of what to expect from the next one as well. With the previous iterations of pricing, we may see the same for the next generation of hardware too. So here are the predecessors:

  • RTX 4060 – $299
  • RTX 3060 – $329
  • RTX 2060 – $349

With that behavior, we can surely expect to see the RTX 4060 cost at least $299 and potentially increase up to $399. It might get more expensive for a good 1080p graphics card, and Moore’s Law is Dead does suggest the 60 model will come at $400. Although they have come down in price, it still might be a higher MSRP for a low-end card to fit in gamers’ PCs.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 5060 specs speculation

There RTX 50-series specs have been mentioned for the flagship end and enthusiasts’ level of performance. But on the lower level that will be cut down to a weaker option. Much like the Ada Lovelace series GPUs on the lower level lack some of the power and specs to justify their price. But what can we expect from the next generation of GPUs?

So far we expect them to utilize TSMC 3 on the processor level, increasing the density even further to get more performance from a smaller die. The memory is also improving with an expectation of GDDR7 being used in the next-gen RTX as well, although we’re wondering if the lower tiers will benefit from it as well. The flagship itself is expected to use a 512-bit memory bus but certainly, a 5060 might cut down to a 256-bit or similar as we’d expect a smaller VRAM capacity. A recent rumor suggests the card will keep a similar bus to the 4060 and so a 128-bit bus, but if on GDDR7 should still enjoy a higher bandwidth.

With the improvements we can also expect the TDP of the card to fall as well, considering the efficiency improvements Nvidia is key to improving it further. Moore’s Law is Dead leaks out the plan for Blackwells’ efficiency for the performance boost it is expected to provide. It should also provide the integration of DisplayPort 2.1 for greater connectivity and capability, even if this card might not achieve performance to utilize it.

Will there be an RTX 5060?

We can expect to see the RTX 5060 sometime in 2025. The Blackwell architecture of the 50 series has already been confirmed so it’s likely to feature a 60 model in there too. However, as Nvidia looks to higher-performance cards it might be a bit less likely but we can still expect the GB206 GPU to feature in the lineup.

How much will the RTX 5060 cost?

We expect to see the RTX 5060 cost in some range of $299 -$399. As with ever-increasing GPU costs, we might see it continue down the line. But based on the previous 60 models this is what we expect to see if it continues the trend. Seeing as Nvidia has raised the bard of intro-level GPUs this could be the lowest we are to expect.

Final words

The RTX 5060 has a lot to offer, as we’ve seen the 3060 top the Steam Hardware survey charts, the following releases can be similar in dominance. But another generation should provide more gains as they stack up against the previous options. The speed boost should be enough to reach higher refresh rates. But also it might be reliant on frame generation and DLSS for something better.

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