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Has TTK (time to kill) on Modern Warfare 2 been perfectly balanced?

Updated: Sep 17, 2022 3:48 pm
Has TTK (time to kill) on Modern Warfare 2 been perfectly balanced?

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Time to kill since Call of Duty 2, 4 (Modern Warfare), 5 (WaW), and 6 (MW2) has become pretty slow to say the least. This hasn’t taken away the enjoyment many still find in the franchise, it’s more of a course correction, evolution if you will.

Regardless, there were some TTK issues with more recent titles such as Vanguard, Cold War, and Modern Warfare 2019. 

Black Ops: Cold War certainly took the biscuit in terms of length. Now, we can appreciate Call of Duty trying to expand in terms of how guns feel, how the attachments make a difference, and overall gun balance but for some, TTK has been frustratingly slow.

It is a bit too early to call at the moment as Modern Warfare 2 is still in beta but the TTK looks to be spot on.

As the beta goes from closed to open, more and more players on a wider variety of platforms are going to get to test out the new title but it looks promising.

Have the developers finally nailed the time to kill? So far it looks quicker than recent CoD titles and obviously slightly slower than the older classics, which could be the perfect goldilocks spot.

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What is time to kill (TTK) and how can it affect Modern Warfare 2?

Time to kill is how long it will take you to shoot someone down from full health to zero. 

Before the original Black Ops Call of Duty games, TTK was always very enjoyable and fast, however, unless playing competitively it didn’t really matter what weapon you used.

To combat this we have seen more recent titles feature a longer TTK, something many new-age fans prefer. While it brings in weapon balance and a point to several attachments, it removes some of the fast-paced, one-shot kill nature of old.

Still, the 2022 edition of MW2 already looks sharp, with some big similarities to MW 2019, only more fine-tuned.

Until we get our hands on the full game it is hard to tell what Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer will offer fans but thus far, it looks pretty damn promising.

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So you wanted Modern Warfare 2 to feature slower TTK?

Before some get upset, yes, there are plenty of players out there that wanted the TTK to be closer to Black Ops: Cold War.

Here in the office, we prefer racking up frags and dodging out the way, rather than just tanking half a clip on the way to behind cover.

Each to their own though right?

It all depends on your preferences. A large part of the CoD community shifted towards slower TTK and consider MW 2019 too fast.

For some, slower TTK makes for a terrible Call of Duty multiplayer experience. The game is made for fast-paced action and if you can only rack up 2-3 kills a magazine, what’s the point?

Tongue-in-cheek aside, fast TTK means you are going to need faster reactions and develop some first bullet accuracy, two staples of what makes FPS shooters actually enjoyable.

No matter what your preferences are, Modern Warfare as a franchise has historically had faster TTKs and it looks like the latest installment follows suit.

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