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80 inch TV dimensions – is it too big?

How big is an 80 inch TV and is it too big for your living space?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023 10:19 am
80 inch TV dimensions – is it too big?

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We take a closer look at how 80 inch TV dimensions size up! In the home entertainment game, size is king. And when it comes to choosing a TV that delivers a cinematic experience right in the familiarity of your own home, dimensions play a critical role. Today, we’ll dive deep into the world of 80-inch TVs and discover just how wide this behemoth of a screen truly is.

There are plenty of benefits, but also a few negatives about getting an 80 inch TV. We’ll of course be talking you through the dimensions just below, but we also want to touch on the pros and cons of having some a large screen TV! Everything you need to know and more.

How big is an 80 inch TV? Inches, centimeters, and millimeters

80 Inch TV DimensionsWidthHeightDiagonal

As you can see from the dimensions above, you definitely have to cater for such a large screen – planning in advance is always the play here. These dimensions refer to the size of the screen itself, ignoring any additional bulk you need to account for such as bezels or TV border.

Do take into account that different models and different manufacturers can have marginally difference sizes for the entirety of the television, but most modern displays have a thin bezel design regardless. You should find complete dimensions on any product page.

How wide is an 80 inch TV in cms?

So, how wide is an 80-inch TV in centimeters, you ask? To put it into perspective, imagine holding your arms outstretched as far as they’ll go. That’s approximately the width of an 80-inch TV, which measures a staggering 203 centimeters from end to end. Around the same as the tallest football goalkeepers!

But size isn’t everything. Logically, an 80-inch TV also boasts the most developed technology, with some models offering up to 8K resolution and the latest HDR support for the most stunning picture quality imaginable. Whatever you plan on doing, an 80-inch TV delivers a level of detail and clarity that’s simply awe-striking.

Benefits of an 80 inch TV

Imagine a TV that spans an entire wall, transporting you to another world with every flick of a switch. An 80-inch TV is a true feat of engineering, enabling you to experience a set of emotions that can only be described as epic. The width of this giant screen is a defining factor in the level of immersion it provides, drawing you into the goings-on and making you feel as though you’re part of the story.

For many, an 80-inch TV may seem like overkill, but for us who demand the ultimate viewing experience, it’s a luxury we must-have. With an 80-inch screen, you’ll watch movies, TV shows, sports, and play video games from a completely revamped perspective. The imagery is breathtaking, the sound is rich and powerful, and the overall experience is nothing short of magnanimous.

Downsides of an 80 inch TV

One specific con for you might be the price – 80-inch TVs are mostly fairly expensive, given their sizing and technology. TVs this big go into thousands of dollars, so if you’re cash-strapped, better watch out for a promotion or a nice deal on a shopping event – fortunately, there are many TV deals throughout the year.

When it comes to choosing the right TV for your home, there’s no substitute for size. An 80-inch TV delivers a viewing experience like no other, and its dimensions are a testament to its royal scale and grandeur. Therefore, if you’re ready to upgrade your home entertainment up a few nuances, go ahead and embrace the epic proportions of an 80-inch TV. The downside here though is of course having a spot to fit it in – or having a stand or unit to cater it.

80 inch TV FAQs

Is an 80 inch TV too big for my house?

An 80 inch TV is definitely on the larger side of modern displays, but it can be a perfect fit for any medium-large living space. For smaller rooms such as an average bedroom, you should opt for a smaller size.

Recommended sitting distances for an 80 inch TV are around 11 feet / 3.3 meters, so take this into account when planning out where your TV will be placed.

Can you wall mount an 80 inch TV?

Yes, it is possible to wall mount a 80″ TV, the size is no issue here! To do so, you’ll need to consider the weight and compatibility of the display. Many TVs now follow the VESA standard for mounts, so make sure you have matching and mount dimensions. Mounts will also recommend a maximum weight if you have a particularly heavy television.

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