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Save $1500 on the LPS9T Samsung 4K Projector Samsung cyber Monday deals

Samsung 4K projector deals aren't usually this generous!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021 3:41 pm
Save $1500 on the LPS9T Samsung 4K Projector Samsung cyber Monday deals

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If you’ve ever wanted to outfit your home with the closest you can get to a genuine movie theatre experience, you’re in luck as this Samsung 4K projector Black Friday deal nets you an instant $1500 in savings. That’s a 23% discount on one of the most well-regarded pieces of home-theatre technology out there. Take a look below and upgrade your movie experience this Cyber Monday.

Save $1500 on this Samsung 4K projector – Cyber Monday Deals

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It’s expensive. But is it really? firstly it has a $1500 discount which is unheard of in the large format projector industry. Additionally, it is without a doubt one of the best projectors currently available to the consumer. We’ll go through the specs and you’ll be convinced, you sneaky bargain-hunter, you.

The primary advantage of this Samsung 4K projector Black Friday deal is that it’s a ‘short throw’ type of projector. This means you don’t need to have a 60ft long living room for this projector to work its magic. It throws its image into the equivalent of a 130-inch TV, which don’t really exist so this is the best opportunity you’ll get in terms of both image quality and size.

The triple laser technology is also a notable feature that helps you get even closer to a movie theatre experience. essentially this particular Samsung 4K projector uses 3 different lasers, one focusing either red, green, or blue so they combine as the image is thrown. This results in a considerable jump in vividity and overall image quality.

The statistic ‘2800 ANSI Lumen’ may do little to stir the passions of the heart in most people but it’s important nonetheless. Essentially it translates to excellent brightness, even with the inevitable light-bleed that occurs when you don’t live in a primordial cave. If you do live in a primordial cave, we’d recommend some Samsung Jet Vacuum Black Friday deals to tidy up some of that cavern-grot.

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