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How to get and use finishers in AEW Fight Forever

Updated: Jul 6, 2023 5:48 pm
How to get and use finishers in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever is a wrestling game that was released in June 2023, giving wrestling fans an incredible gaming experience. The gameplay is a little outdated from other games, but the overall game is a cool one that many gamers will want to check out. The game allows players to be able to do many things in this wrestler world, and it will definitely please die-hard fans.

The game has a great talent roster lineup of the biggest legends and has many different things to do, including different game modes like mini-games, co-op wrestling, casino battle royale, and even a deep career mode. This Yuke’s developed game also has many different types of moves in it. AEW Fight Forever offers many different moves, including elite wrestling finishers and other offensive moves to use against the opponent. 

AEW Fight Forever brings the nostalgic arcade-feeling wrestling games to the next level on all platforms, including Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS5. This guide will teach how to use finishers in AEW Fight Forever by following a few simple steps.

How to get finishers in AEW Fight Forever

Finishers are a move that players can use to finish off their opponent without mercy. As with many different fighting games, players can glance down at what is called wrestlers’ momentum bars, which shows just how much energy they have left. The bar will go higher the more damage that is dealt.

Players will want to wait until the bar is completely full and this is how players will get a siganture move, this can then be used against your opponent by pressing A on Xbox or X on PlayStation and any button the D-pad. Now, if your opponent doesn’t come back with a counter, players will be able to keep that new signature they just used and turn it into what will be called a finisher.

How to use finishers in AEW Fight Forever

There are a few steps that players will need to follow in order to successfully use finishers. Follow the steps below. 

  • Go to the Custom menu
  • Click Wrestler
  • Click Modifty Wrestler
  • Select one of the listed Wrestlers
  • Go to Original
  • Click Moveset 

After being on the moveset screen, this is where players can access all the different finishers and apply them to their wrestler. To then use one of the finishers, hit A on Xbox or X on PlayStation once again. Finishers will be like a trademark move for each wrestler and will require simple commands button to use them. That’s how to use these signature moves in AEW Fight Forever.

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