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How To Reverse and Counter in AEW Fight Forever

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 11:57 am
How To Reverse and Counter in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever is the next wrestling game to hit the market, giving some much-needed competition to the WWE 2k series. The game allows fans to take control of some of their favorite wrestlers and challenge any opponent they want.

Fight Forever offers more than one game mode to try out and matches can get wild. Pull weapons from under the ring and show no mercy as you fight your opponent. There are tons of moves to learn that are difficult to master including signature abilities and submission holds.

Are you prepared to try out all of the match types and show the world who’s boss? Master all of the moves and you will be ready for the big time. This guide will show you how to reverse and counter in AEW Fight Forever.

How to perform Reversals and Counters in AEW Fight Forever

There are two different types of reversals in AEW Fight Forever; Grapple Reversals and Strike Reversals. The same can be said about counters. You can perform a Grapple Counter and a Strike Counter. Both are performed in a similar way:

  • Grapple Counter/Reversal – Press LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation, L on Switch, F key on PC
  • Strike Counter/Reversal – Press RB on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, R on Switch, R key on PC

Reversals and counters are assigned two different buttons that are dependent on what console you are playing on whether that be PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. This system is a bit complicated and relies more on luck than skill since you have to guess what move your opponent will perform. This is especially difficult with human opponents. CPU opponents are easier to read.

Luckily, you can change the control scheme to make counters and reversals easier. Go to the settings from the main screen/title screen and select options. From there, access the controller settings using the R button. You will see an option that says easy countering. Turn this on to allow for single-button countering.

Of course, while this makes things easier, you still need to watch for your opponent’s next move. Depending on the type of attacks your opponent uses, this can be difficult. Keep up with the match momentum and watch the wrestler’s hands to see what move they might perform.

Using this controller option allows you to use the face buttons for countering and reversals. This button layout makes performing moves off your moves list easier and won’t break your momentum. It also makes the game behave more similarly to the WWF No Mercy game from the past.

There are plenty of different wrestlers that you can use like Jon Moxley, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, and Matt Hardy, each with their own moves. Make sure to hit training mode to practice using the grapple reversal buttons so you have the moves down for your next match.

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