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Is Battlebit Remastered on Nintendo switch?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023 1:01 pm
Is Battlebit Remastered on Nintendo switch?

Battlebit Remastered is a neat little game that gamers probably don’t see much of. Of course, the game doesn’t have the high-end graphics of ones like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or GTA 5 nowadays, but the game can overall still be fun for everyone.

This game is a huge multiplayer FPS that surprisingly supposed over 254 players on each server. The battlefield also features various vehicles sitting around that players can drive from location to location. While this game is pretty simple, it gives the vibes of the old games we or our parents used to play – the nostalgic vibe. 

Now that we know about the game, it is time to answer the burning questions like is it free? Or what are the system requirements? But also, the most important thing, what platforms is it on? Preferably, is it available on Nintendo Switch? This guide will answer the question.

Is Battlebit Remastered getting released on Nintendo Switch?

Battlebit Remastered is not available on Nintendo Switch.

Battlebit Remastered is a Roblox feeling battle royale that – as mentioned above – houses a lot of players in each match, all firing weapons at each other. Right now the game is in early access only, allowing time for the developers to gather feedback and make some bug fixes to the game. 

With this being an early access game, it is not available on Xbox, PlayStation, or any other console ports are available at this time. An announcement is likely to come later on what will be available after release. For now, Battlebit can only be played on PC – supposedly working on Linux and Mac as well. 

Gamers who wish to player Battlebit can do so via Steam early access release, diving into this war style game that features all kinds of stuff tanks, helicopters, sea vehicles, different weapons like sniper rifles and assault rifles. While it might not be available on consoles yet, it will hopefully be coming, and if players want to get their hands even deeper into the Battlebit Remastered world, join their Discord server for some bonus fun.

Some other cool features Battlebit Remastered includes is a near-fully destructible map, a proximity-based voice chat that gives real-time communication, some cool night gameplay and interest dynamic day period, and overall just a massive multiplayer fps game on a classic class system.

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