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Blox Fruits how to get fragments

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Updated: May 21, 2023 9:45 pm
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Blox Fruits has tons of different currencies you can use to get around purchasing and getting many things in the game. One of the most rare and important is Fragments. You need these fragments for a lot of things, like purchasing fighting styles or awakening your race and fruit. However, getting these fragments can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what are the ways to do so. That’s why this guide will tell you all the ways to get fragments in Blox Fruits. 

How to get fragments in Blox Fruits

Raids in Blox Fruits

The best way to get fragments in Blox Fruits is by completing raids, especially using the Buddha fruit. This will help you easily complete the raids in no time and earn up to 1,000 fragments. If you don’t want to do raids, farming fragments with Cake Prince is a great option too. There are many other ways to get fragments in Blox Fruits, and here are all of them.

ActionFragments Obtained
Buying fragments with Robux in the shopVaries
Defeating Darkbeard or rip_indra1,500
Defeating Cake Prince1,000
Defeating a Sea Beast250
Defeating a Ship Raid (both Brigade and two Basic)200
Completing Fruit raids with time left (4.5 * seconds)Varies based on time left
Completing Fruit raids without finishing in time300
Defeating someone with a Youtuber Title2,500 fragments, 250,000 money
Defeating Elite PiratesVaries
Defeating Training Dummy (with quest)Varies
Completing a Pirate Raid on Castle on the Sea (Third Sea)Varies
Doing the Horned Man Quest (fragments per boss kill)Varies
Obtaining fragments in random surpriseVaries
Fragments chests in Mirage IslandVaries
Praying at the gravestone at the haunted castle (Third Sea)1,000 fragments, 100,000 money
Defeating the Dough King2,000

As mentioned, above are all the possible ways to get fragments in the game. If you can properly utilize ones that suit your gameplay and abilities, you should have tons of fragments in no time. 

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