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Best Skills in Dead Island 2 – Best Skill Cards To Equip

Updated: Apr 24, 2023 12:23 pm
Best Skills in Dead Island 2 – Best Skill Cards To Equip

The best Dead Island 2 skills are actually presented through skill cards, long gone are the days of skill trees to wade through and figure out. As you continue progressing through Dead Island 2’s story more skills will unlock in four different categories. These categories are: abilities, survivor, slayer and numen

Your skills will range from simple things, like giving your curveballs a shorter cooldown, to the more extravagant like applying fire to your flying kick. You only have a limited amount of slots for each category, so choosing which one is best will take a second. Some skills are unique depending on which slayer you choose too, so there may be some skills specific to your character that are worth trying. 

Here is our selection of best skills to help you find your way through the streets of LA. Be sure to check out our complete list of trophies in Dead Island 2, as well as all of the zombies to watch out for. 

Dead Island 2 Abilities List 

dead island 2 best skills abilities

  • Dodge: Quickly evades from oncoming attacks, takes a little getting used to but once mastered you can be untouchable.
  • Drop kick: A kick that sends flying and can be upgraded to have different elemental effects too.
  • Dash Strike: A special move that strikes zombies, leaving them dazed. 
  • Blood rush: Counter attacks will help build Fury.
  • Spitting Cobra: During Fury mode you have a special attack, this will spit acid over zombies causing them to melt where they’re stood. 

Best Survivor Skill Cards in Dead Island 2

  • Safety First: Blocking or dodging at the right time will help regain health. 
  • Safe Space: Using a med kit will cause a small explosion around you, causing zombies to be pushed back.
  • Pain Magazine: Throwing Curveballs causes other Curveballs to regenerate quicker. 
  • Hot footed: Applies fire to your drop kick, so you ignite zombies upon impact. 

Best Slayer Skill Cards in Dead Island 2

dead island 2 best skills slayer
  • Janus Rage: When your Fury meter is full toughness is boosted, when it isn’t full your damage will increase. 
  • Deadeye: Hitting enemies with a Curveball will cause it to recharge faster. 
  • Cull the weak: If your health is low you get a slight boost to damage. 
  • The Limb Reaper: Maiming a zombie will cause you to regain some health. 

Best Numen Skill Cards in Dead Island 2

  • Corpse Blossom: Zombies killed with a status effect will explode on death. 
  • Glass Cannon: Boosts critical damage but toughness is slightly reduced.


Which skill tree should I prioritise in Dead Island 2?

There is no need to ‘prioritise’ skill cards in Dead Island 2, due to it being a set amount the game will distribute skill cards at an even rate, so you don’t need to prioritise a single category.

How many skill trees are in Dead Island 2?

There is a total of four categories in the game: Abilities, Survivor, Slayer and Numen.

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