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How long does a game last in Fortnite?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023 2:15 am
How long does a game last in Fortnite?

The ever-popular Fortnite by Epic Games recently released the newest season, Chapter 4 Season 3, to the delight of players. The battle royale game has plenty of new features, new challenges, and an updated battle pass for fans to play with. If you’re on limited time and want to squeeze in a game, you need to know how long a game in Fortnite lasts. Don’t worry, because we’re here to tell you.

Fortnite – How long does a game last?

While games can vary in length, the average Fortnite game lasts about 20 minutes each. This is not concrete, as there is no timer set for match length, but this is the typical amount of time for a match of Fortnite. Games can be longer or shorter depending on the players.

This also depends on how quickly you and your teammates die in the game. If you are all taken out within five minutes of the game starting, your game will only last for those five minutes before you are out and able to play another. 

The match lengths have stayed consistent over the various Fortnite seasons and chapters, so you can expect games to last similar times no matter when you play the battle royale mode. The new Season 3 of Chapter 4, now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles, is no different, so while you can enjoy the new battle pass now that the servers are back up, don’t expect games to continue to last longer than they normally do. You can use V-bucks that you can purchase with real money or earn in-game to enjoy the new Season 3 Battle Pass.

How does game length change in Fortnite?

Battle royale games tend to run longer than other game modes found in shooters like death matches. This is because not only do players have to run into each other on the massive map, but take out every player in the match that isn’t on their team, which can be up to 100 players.

Fortnite games can vary in length due to:

  • Player count
  • Squad sizes
  • Where players dropped
  • Player skill

All of these can change the length of a game. If there are more players playing solo without a squad, the match could take longer due to having to hunt down more players. If the final two squads are highly-skilled players, they could take longer to take the other squad down. 

Games will vary in length, so there’s no way to plan out how much time a match will take you, but if you have the best loot and your squadmates are with you, expect the game to last long.

How long does a Fortnite game last?

While matches can vary in length significantly depending on various factors, most Fortnite games last around 20 minutes in total.

Why do Fortnite games vary in length?

Fortnite games vary in length depending on how long you and your squadmates stay alive, how skilled the other players in the match are, how many players and teams are in the game, and various other reasons. No two matches will be exactly alike.

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