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Is MLB The Show 23 On The Steam Deck?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023 1:19 am
Is MLB The Show 23 On The Steam Deck?

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With the release of MLB The Show 23 fans are eager to play the game on any system they can. It is already known to be on every mainline console and fans want to be able to take MLB The Show on the go.

There are two systems that will allow you to play MLB The Show 23 on the go, by playing it on the Switch or by getting it on the Steam Deck. With the game being confirmed for Xbox Game Pass, it would seem obvious that it would make its way onto the Steam Deck. Let’s go over if MLB The Show 23 is coming to Steam Deck.

Will MLB The Show 23 Be On Steam Deck

At the moment, MLB The Show 23 will not be available on the Steam Deck. However, that does not mean that it will never appear on Steam or PC for that matter. Since MLB The Show has been branching out to other systems for the past few years, we could expect to see a Steam Deck release in the near future.

If you do really want to play MLB The Show 23 on your Steam Deck, you could go out of your way to emulate a Switch on your Steam Deck and play it that way. However, this is a lot of hassle to do and could land you in trouble with Nintendo so it is not recommended to do.

Hopefully, you will not need to go through all this effort to play MLB The Show 23 on the go and will instead be able to pick it up through Steam sometime in the future. Though even if it does come to Steam you will need to wait for it to be verified for it to work properly.

If you are looking to play MLB The Show 23 on the go right now, you would be better off just picking it up on Switch. You will be getting a version with fewer features than the current-gen consoles releases but you can still access those features with cross-save.

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