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League of Legends Chemtech Dragon disabled after widespread community complaints

Turns out the LoL Chemtech Dragon isn't able to chemtech resurrect itself from Riot's disable hammer.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 11:08 am
League of Legends Chemtech Dragon disabled after widespread community complaints

Riot Games has revealed that the very unpopular League of Legends Chemtech Dragon is leaving Summoner’s Right for the foreseeable future. The drake has been one of the common concerns for several months since the pre-season launched. The combination of its annoying stealth clouds, resurrection Sion-like passive Dragon Soul and bonus damage makes it very hard to play against and also very annoying. It has gotten to the point where Riot Games decided enough is enough, and they have permanently disabled the Chemtech Dragon and is now actively working to redesign it.

The League of Legends Chemtech Dragon is departing the right, with no expected return time. The news comes from Riot Games official post on the League of Legends website. Riot mentioned that they failed to hit the mark for improving the gameplay experience of Summoner’s Rift, and want to take another look at what the Chemtech Dragon aspect can do without causing concern as it has done.

The general reaction to the news of the removal of the League of Legends Chemtech Dragon was met with large amounts of gratitude. Pro players and casual players share this hatred of the dragon, but some are sad to see it go. You can see examples of this in the official announcement on Twitter, where many made their reaction to the hotfix known.

However, Riot Games is still committed to finding a way that the Chemtech Dragon can still make its thematic impact somewhat match Riot’s original design intentions. What that may remain to be seen. Note that this change is live now, thanks to a hotfix that Riot deployed on January 24 in 12.2. So, the change is now live, and you will no longer get games where the Chemtech Dragon dominates the game. This is not the only update to come to the game. We are expecting the LoL patch 12.3 to come very soon, with Riot’s Phlox also teasing the new patch notes is going to drop in the next 24 hours.

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