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New League of Legends Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins revealed

Here is a look at the new League of Legends skin, including the Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse skin lines.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022 5:00 pm
Lague of Legends Lunar Eclipse skins

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends has revealed a whole new skinline that has arrived on the PBE. The new league of legends skins include the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse skins. Meanwhile, there is a Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna skins, along with a Sea Dog Yasuo, and Gangplank the Betrayer.

New League of Legends skins

Over on Twitter, Riot Games has released a two-minute-long video showcasing the new skins In total, there are eight different skins now on the PBE. These include the  League of Legends Solar Eclipse Skins, the Lunar Eclipse, and the two new pirate-themed skins. The list of skins includes:

  • Solar Eclipse Sivir
  • Solar Eclipse Kayle
  • Solar Eclipse Sejuani
  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox
  • Lunar Eclipse Senna
  • Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna
  • Sea Dog Yasuo
  • Gangplank the Betrayer

We recommend watching the above video so you can see for yourself which of the new LoL skins you are interested in for yourself. If you’re interested in giving them a try before you buy, you can download the PBE client yourself through the League of Legends website.

For those who are interested in the splashes, there are a few out there, thanks to the LoL UK and Ireland Twitter handle, which has kindly shared some splashes of the Aatrox vs Kayle. Along with the Lunar Eclipse Senna and the pirate-themed skins.

For example, here is a look at the two pirated themed skins, featuring Ga\ngplank the Betrayer and Sea Dog Yasuo.

And, for those looking to grind the next event pass, then you’ll be pleased to know there are previews of the prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna skin. Rather than the usual heavy gold tints to the skin, this skin hones in on a more lunar themed colour palette, adding in more whites, silvers, and steels, with some gold trimmings on the weapon handle and in the thread embroidery. The primary colour of the skin still remains a darkish purple, indicating that twilight aesthetic, unlike most other prestige edition skins.

The League of Legends Solar and Lunar eclipse skins, along with the Sea Dog Yasuo and Betrayer Gangplank skin should be available come to the launch of 12.8. It is not currently clear how much these kins will cost, or if the nee prestige senna skins will cost 125 mythic essences like the vendor prestige edition skins.

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